Monday, March 18, 2013

LP Marathon Week 6

Week 6?  Wowsa,  Next time I blink it'll be April.  I've started to slack a little bit with my cross training this week.   That would be fine, if I added a day of running, but I didn't. I can't survive off of a running less program unless I up the cross training.  Next week will be a bit dodgy because of family obligations and traveling for grad school.  But hopefully I'll be able to make it work.

Planned: Kickboxing
Actual: Kickboxing

Highlight from class:  My bad ass instructor- shes legit tough (makes Jillian Michaels look like a phoney) told me I was awesome.  Huge Win!

Planned: 4 Mile run
Actual: Rest

It was raining buckets.  I felt worn down, so I swapped my rest day.

Planned: Rest
Actual: 4 mile run.  Returned to corning preserve for a 4 mile run. I was still feeling pretty worn down (there are some continuing complications with my ulcertative colitis) I got it done, but I didn't put a whole lot of effort into it.

Planned: 5 Mile run
Actual: 5 Mile Run

This was the first time I've run back to back days, so I was a little nervous.  My ankle felt fine. But it was cold.  I've already complained about that once, so feel free to read it again here.

Planned: 5 Mile walk/Yoga
Actual: 2.5 walk

I can't remember why I didn't find somewhere to walk outdoors, but I was so bored on the treadmill that I couldn't stand it for another 2.5.  I left the gym well before the yoga class.

Planned:  10 Miles
Actual: 10 Miles

First double digit runs of my training plan. I felt pretty good, I could have sped up my average pace a bit, but I'm comfortable I'm on the right track. A full recap is here.

Planned: Spin
Actual: Rest

Spin, hahahaha.  I spent the rest of Saturday at a parade usually with an adult beverage in hand.  I didn't do a damn thing on Sunday.

Honestly I was just skating by this week.  I completed my runs but without really pushing myself.  I have another busy week this week, but then will be able to do more than just going through the motions. But overall, another solid week.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! Making progress! Just have to keep it up until June !

  2. I love that you laughed at Spin after being at the parade all day Saturday. Great training week!

    1. My initial plan was way too ambitious for the amount of fun I had that day! Have you decided if you'll sign up for the half or not?