Sunday, March 31, 2013

LP Marathon Training Week 8

Planned: Kickboxing
Actual: Kickboxing

I was a space cadet during class, I was totally not watching the instructor and was often behind in whatever move we should be doing.  But hey, it's a cardio class and I was moving.  I think thats good enough.

Planned:  4 mile run
Actual: 4 mile run

I went back to the corning preserve but ran in a different direction first to check it out.  My lungs are still having a hard time keeping up but I made it through.  This was also my last 4 mile run until near taper time, it'll be time to switch these runs into speed workouts starting next week.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Rest-ish

After the craziest day I've had all year, I came home and was instantly inspired to completely rearrange my apartment.  I spent nearly 2 hours pushing furntiture around until it was designed how I like it.  So a sort of rest day.

Planned: Run 5
Actual: Rest
I had absolutely no desire to run after work, so I didn't.  I went to the mall to pick up a few thing and then sat on my couch for the rest of the evening and relaxed.  It was needed and awesome.

Planned walk3-7 miles
Actual: Run 8
I'm still trying to find a way to incorporate more walking.  Now that the weather is getting a bit better it'll be easier to just wander around the park.  Rather than walking I set out to do my long run, that didn't pan out, but I did get my second run in for the week.

Planned: Long Run 12-15 Miles
Actual: Yoga
After my failed attempted at a long run the previous day, I knew I would need the day off from running before I tried again.  I still don't like the yoga class at best fitness but I did rediscover how much I enjoy the Biggest Loser weight loss yoga.  I did the warm up, yoga, and abs - which was roughly 45 minutes.

Planned: Spin
Actual: 13.1 run
I swear someday I'll actually get to spin class. But yet again, not this week.  I headed back to Schodack island and figured out the loop.  Since I missed my long run ( and every other workout) last week, my goal was to run at least 12 miles with the hopes of being closer to 15.  I ran the loop 3 times which brought back to my car at roughly 12.5 miles I didn't have enough juice in me to go for another loop but was able to finish out at 13.1.  This was the first time I've run the half marathon distance since Rock N Roll San Diego Half Marathon in June of 2010.  I was slower today, but out of all of my half marathons, it wasn't my slowest ever. It actually placed me smack in the middle of all of the halves I've done.  The best part is that my overall pace was faster for this run, then for my 10 mile run two weeks ago.  Woot!

I've been fearing that I am not as prepared as I should be by now, so it's time to turn it up.  Hard to believe that month two of training is in the books.  Next month I'll be doing some of the RLRF speed workouts, only one per week for now,  I had constant dead legs when trying to hit all 3 of the targeted paced workouts last year.  I'm also going to up my weekday mileage to be closer to the 6-8 range during the week. And maybe I'll actually make it to a spin class next month!  I'm hoping that those changes will make me feel more prepared than I currently do.

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