Sunday, March 3, 2013

LP Marathon Training Week 4

Hard to believe that 4 whole weeks have gone by and I've been able to stick to my training pretty well. I'm thankful that after next week there will be more day light and slowly but surely spring will appear.

Planned:  Kickboxing
Actual: Kickboxing

This week was the first week my gym has switched over to the Les Mils program Body Combat.  Which I think was a huge mistake.  Lots of stopping between songs, and the instructor trying to follow a specific routine. It wasn't impressive. Definitely not as good of a workout as the previous classes had been.  I'm not sure why the need to have a corporate name on a fitness class.  I'll try it again a few more times but may have to find a different cross training activity.

Planned: 3 mile run
Actual: 4 Mile run.

I was feeling pretty good and went for an extra mile.  Feel free to read that run's recap here.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Rest

It was a very busy rest day.  I ran a lot of errands and still wasn't home until 7pm. 

Planned: 4 mile run
Actual: 4 mile run
I had a hair appointment after school, so by the time I was done it was too dark to run outdoors.  I headed over to the gym and grabbed a free treadmill.  It was SO hot.  I honestly felt like I was in a Bikram room.  Despite being a mess, I was able to run an average pace of 10'34". 

new color !

Planned: Walk/Yoga
Actual: 3 mile walk/yoga

I didn't have any plans for Friday evening, and wasn't really in the mood to find any.  Instead I made my way to the gym to walk 3 miles. They were boring and on the slower side, but I could feel my hip loosening up as I walked.  After I went to a different instructors yoga class.  I liked the poses she chose but I didn't care for her style of teaching.  I still miss Morrie my instructor from San Diego.  No one has been able to fill his shoes.  I over extended myself during a pose and ended up straining my bad ankle. 

Planned: Spin
Actual: golf course walk & 30 day shred 

I have had some difficultly sleeping lately ( lots of deadlines coming up) and allowed myself to sleep in, which caused me to miss spin class.  Plus my ankle was still feeling sore from the night before.  I did end up going to a local golf course with a friend to take her dog for a walk.  After I decided to restart the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. There may or may not have been a lot of dancing and a long walk home later in the evening.

Planned: 6 mile run
Actual: 5 mile run

Earlier in the week Jess and I had made plans for a run date.  She is training for a half marathon and was scheduled for a 5 mile run.  I had initially though about getting to the trail a little early to do an extra mile but after being out until 3am, I decided that 5 miles would be sufficient torture.  We had a nice run chatting and being careful of the thin layer of snow.  We weren't focusing on speed and ran by feel and kept an average of an 11'09" pace.  I felt that I could have definitely continued for the next mile, if I had a bottle of water.  I was slightly hungover.

And with that I have officially finished my first month of marathon training. 


  1. I am pretty happy we increased our pace at the end!


  2. Fantastic week! Love the hair!

    1. thanks! I do too - my students asked if they had to remove all of my hair to put the new hair in.

  3. Another great week is in the books!