Thursday, March 14, 2013

Check the weather.

Having shorts, knee high compression socks and a long sleeve shirt will not be enough for "feels" like temperature of 14 degrees.

Today's run was cold.  my iPhone said that it was 27 degrees.  Which is cold.  But I hadn't realized that it was windy or that the wind was particularly colder.  When I checked the "feels like" temperature I realized it was in the teens.  Since yesterdays run was in the 40s, I foolishly packed my shorts, knee high socks and a thick tech shirt. All of which would be great for 40 degree weather.

I've had enough of the corning preserve,  since I've been running the same 2-2.5 miles out & backs for the past few weeks.  I wanted to go to Peebles island, but since we had so much rain earlier this week, I thought it would be too muddy, so I went to another portion of the Hudson Mohawk trail.  I had run this leg of it a few times when I was still living north of Albany.  Essentially it is the same path that I run on closer to my house, just a few miles away.  Because it was so cold I had the entire trail to myself.

After I parked like a creeper in front of someones home and changed into my running clothes (seriously one day I'll remember to change at school before leaving)  I headed out straight into the wind.  It was mean. There were a few points that I stopped running just so I wouldn't feel the wind as much.  The second mile was the absolute coldest.  Just after I passed mile 2 the wind was blocked by the hill/homes which made it more bearable.  At that point I was able to make up some lost time from cursing into the wind.

this photo doesn't do justice to how red my legs were. so cold. so numb.
When I turned around it seemed that the wind did as well.  thankfully it wasn't quite as brutal as the out, but there were still a few choice words yelled out mostly to myself for dressing like an idiot.

Thankfully, someone else had the wonderful idea of going for Pho after, which helped warm me up, but I still feel chilled to the bone.  I don't mind the weather, it's my own fault for not dressing appropriately  but really, if it needs to be this cold, lets get some snow.
yesterday this would have been water. oh March.

Distance: 5 miles
Effort: Minimal
Time: 54:34
Pace: 10'56"


  1. That sounds horrible, also, where was/is this section of the trail?


    1. It was unenjoyable. I picked it up in a neighborhood near the Cohoes Falls.

  2. OMG one day my running partner and I BOTH checked the real and feels like temp, and we were STILL caught off guard by the cold! It was the strangest day! Good work out there!

    1. Its so hard to really tell this time of year, plus someday 30 degrees feels great, other days i just cant warm up. I did feel pretty bad ass :)

    2. ick. 14 degrees sounds absolutely horrendous. good for you for running anyway, i am a huge baby in cold weather and probably would've bagged the run.

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