Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 + 1 things Thursday

1.  I am on Spring Break!!!!  This month was tough.  3-5 year olds thrive off of consistency  and this month didn't offer that at all - there were snowdays (yay!) parent teacher conferences (boo) I was sick  (ugh) and had workshops out of town (major ugh).  To top it off, it was a full moon this week.  My kiddos were wacko and I am ready for the next 10 day without hanging out with my class.

2. Yesterday one of my student had a complete melt down.  It lasted for roughly 75 minutes.  I was so amped up when I came home, I felt compelled to rearrange my entire apartment.  I LOVE the way it is set up now, and was something I had been meaning to do for a while.

before on left, current on right.

 3. I went to Old Navy today with the sole purpose of buying new jeans.  I walked out with 80 dollars worth of stuff.
jeans, going out shirt, running long sleeve, tank, sweater, hair ties, headband. overall success. even though all i needed was jeans.

and while I was hoping to keep it to 3 things Thursday 
+1 today I was finally able to FaceTime with my sister and niece in London.  It was awesome.  I loved being able to chat with my sister and watch Lily crawl around.  My students even had a chance to see my sister and my niece.  Technology is really awesome.  

I knew i was taking a screenshot of Lily, I didn't realize I was making such a crazy face.  

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  1. Facetime is so cool! My hubs and I do it all the time when I travel.

    Great scores at Old Navy! I havent' been there in a long time.