Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Maybe I should run faster.

I was all set (packed) to run on the treadmill after school today.  I had packed sneakers, capri's and a tank top to be worn indoors. During my staff meeting I was checking the weather out on NOAA and saw that the weather is turning to gross for the next few days. (snow, sleet, rain) so I was inspired to run outdoors before being forced indoors (yes, I'm a wuss. I've embraced it.) Thankfully my car doubles as a closet ( no really, I store a Tupperware bin of clothing in my trunk that has no home in my apartment)  so I was able to find a long-sleeve shirt to wear under the sweatshirt I had worn at work today.
Not my best running get up, but it worked!
I drove directly to Corning Trail along the Hudson Mohawk trail.  I've run here a few times before, typically for the 5k distance.  I was planned to run 3 but felt comfortable so I decided to continue for an additional .5 out for a total of 4 miles.  The trail is flat and I continued along at a an easy/slow pace.

I felt warmed up and strong so I decided to step it up a bit for the second half. And WOW.  After speeding up nearly 42 seconds for my 3rd mile I began to push even more. I was working hard and breathing hard but I ran my 4th mile in 9'24".   I was so stoked just to see the 10's again last week that I was shocked to see a 9.  I haven't visited the 9s since March 31st, 2012. 

I'm still not really focusing on speed, but I should probably be putting a little more effort into my runs if this pace is lingering around inside. 


  1. I FEEL YOU ON THIS! I was seriously at a similar pace as you (My marathon PR is 5:08 with lots of walking) and now that I'm willing to be "uncomfortable" during running, I'm seeing great results. I think I love my easy pace because I love running, but I want my time improved for my upcoming half marathon!

    1. I hear ya, once upon a time my "easy" pace was about a 9'50" - 10. But that three jobs, two cities, and 2 injuries ago! But maybe I should stop being so easy on myself and push it a bit more.

  2. congrats lady!

    a little bit goes a long way :) and it's amazing what you can accomplish once you get over the mental hurdles.


  3. Woohoo, look at you! I feel the same way when I have miles under 10. It sounds like you are getting your speedy legs back!