Sunday, February 24, 2013

LP Marathon Training Week 3

Planned: Kickboxing
Actual: Kenpo DVD

Since I was in Florida, I had to find an alternative to my kickboxing class. I had purchased P90x for my dad a few years ago, so I chose to do the Kenpo dvd from the series.  If you aren't familiar with the p90x series, this DVD is inspired by kickboxing. I didn't feel like I got as great of a workout as I would have in my regular class, but it was still pretty good.

Planned: 3 mile run
Actual: 3.05

Nothing terribly exciting about this run. Ran around my parents neighborhood. Felt pretty good.  After my dad and I went kayaking, which I already posted about here.

Planned: Rest
Actual: Walked 1.5 nature trail with my Dad

Wednesday was mostly a rest day. My dad and I went to the Six Mile Slough which is yet another park in the Lee Parks system.  It was an easy walk on a wooden boardwalk through the slough.  It was pretty neat to see the cypress trees.  We also saw big alligators, a bunch of baby alligators, snakes, birds, and turtles.  Overall a nice walk.

Planned: 4 mile run
Actual: 4 mile run

I decided to leave my parents neighborhood and go for a run in a nearby park.  The park was also close to the TJ Maxx I had gone to earlier in the week.  I had spotted a purse that I liked but made myself think about it.  By Thursday I was ready to own it, so after my 4 mile run in the park (which you can read about here)  I scooted over to the store and bought my purse.  And I love it.

Planned: Spin
Actual: 3 Miles walk

Because I ended up extending my trip in Florida, I didn't make it home in time to make it to a spin class.  Instead I did my planned workout for Sunday. I walked the same loop that I had run on Tuesday.  It felt all wrong, my socks were too big so my feet felt squished, I was wearing all black and it felt very warm out.  But I continued and walked the 3 miles.  It did help loosen up my hips and was nice to get some exercise before spending my afternoon/evening in airports and airplanes.

Planned: 6 Mile Run
Actual: 6 Mile run

After being able to run outdoors for the week, I wasn't looking forward to going back to the treadmill, especially for a 6 mile run.  I'm still learning the area that I live in and was having difficulty finding a route.  So I settled on running to a friends house.  I was cold.  (that awesome new shirt I posted about,  not warm enough for winter running, FYI) I was actually shivering for the first few miles.  I slightly warmed up,  but not really.  It was not a pretty day.
Planned: 3 Mile walk & Yoga
Actual: Yoga 

I had planned to make up my missed spin class with the 9:30 Sunday morning class.  But after my run, I went bowling and to a local brewery. And while I was still home by 11pm, I was zapped of any energy to spin this morning when I got up.  I did however, finally make it back to yoga class.  I  didn't hate on the instructor as much as I normally do, so maybe there is hope.  

So there it is, week 3 in the books. Only 14 more to go!


  1. Excellent week 3! The new purse is really cute. I'm sure you'll get to use that often!

  2. AWESOME!!! L-O-V-E that purse! Congrats on a week well done.