Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lakes Park 4 Mile run

I was meant to fly back to NY this morning.  My flights sucked, I would leave Fort Myers at 8am (meaning I'd have to be at the airport by 6am) and I'd fly to a different time zone (Chicago) and hang out there for 4 hours before making my connecting flight to Albany. I wasn't thrilled about losing a day of my life to flying, I've lost enough this way as it is, but my parents paid for the flight and we all know that beggars can't be choosers.

After I checked into my flight, I took a look at Southwest's home page and saw that they were rebooking flights from Chicago because of a potential storm. I jumped on it and was able to extend my trip by one more day. So instead of spending my whole day flying, I went to a local park to run 4 miles.

Bald Eagles that just look like large birds.

Lakes Park

Jungle path

Scary looking duck.

the 10s have appeared again! 

Lakes Park is another park in Lee County park system.  It seemed like a nice place to do shorter run/walks/bike/Rollerblade or with some planning some laps. I hadn't totally studied the trails so I explored and ultimately found myself back at my car at 3.5 miles.  I continued to run around until I reached my planned 4 miles.

My legs felt heavy when I started but they seemed to warm up as my second mile was faster than my first. Even though I slowed back down for my 3rd mile, it was still faster than my first. (sounds like a riddle) For whatever reason my last mile is always my fastest (either I'm excited to be done or I've finally warmed up, most likely both.)

Training has been pretty easy so far, which is a great confidence booster.  In about 2 weeks I'll start to jump into the longer runs but, I feel I am creating a solid base to be successful for the remaining 15 weeks until the Lake Placid Marathon.


  1. Great job Christine...I have a half coming up in September so it's a ways off but I'm coming off of an injury from last year (pelvic stress fracture) so it's almost like I had to start over...back to run/walk intervals

  2. I am jealous every time I see pictures from your runs down there. The wind was wicked today and brought the temperature down over 10 degrees. BOO! Can't wait until I am in FL, too. I have grand plans of running everything.