Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Time

After a very adventurous flight from Albany, (I got lost in Newark airport and accidentally left the security area had to change terminals and reenter security all within 15 minutes to catch my connecting flight) I landed in Fort Myers to spend time with my parents.

Fort Myers is a great place to visit, the weather is mild (my dad thought it was "too cold" today when it was 60) and I get to see my folks.  They've been kind claiming that I look slimmer, which is probably somewhat true. They've also been accommodating to find vegetarian friendly restaurants which in the past they weren't interested in my food preferences.  Even more excitingly my dad and I have been able to get some exercise together.

My dad doesn't run, but he bikes.  We had gone for a bike ride on Saturday and today I was looking to get in my long run for the week (5 miles)  We loaded up my dads bike and headed to John Yarbrough Linear Park.  It's a straight park along a canal and very flat.

My dad was going to bike the whole length and I was planning on turning back at 2.5.  Of course my GPS watch died but I had my iphone so I loaded up the nike+gps app and began running.

There is a lot of marking on the trail about various distances but none of them connected nor do they make sense.  I was glad that I had the gps to tell me where I was since I couldn't rely on any of the markings.

beautiful day and my awesome new running shirt (thumb holes!)

The trail was busy but not packed and I only saw 2 other runners.  The run north was very windy which made it tough to keep pace but I chugged along.  There lots of very cool/different looking birds, it was a shame that my dad was far ahead on his bike because he's been studying the south west Florida birds in his retirement.

When I reached my 2.5 mark my dad was on his way back south.  We stopped and chatted for a few minutes before he took off.  I made a very sad attempt to try to keep up.  But it didn't happen.

The only reason I did catch up, was because I found him on a bench. Conveniently he was sitting at the 4 mile mark.  I shouted out that he had roughly 11 minutes left of waiting and began doing some fartleks.

I was sucking wind but was pushing myself with random burst until I finally reached the end.  I was excited to find that I managed a 10:00 mile for that last mile.  Hello former easy pace!

After we stopped at a citrus store where my dad could buy his favorite type of orange.  I learned that there were different types of oranges.  Who knew.  They also sell ice cream and milkshakes.

I couldn't tell you the last time I had a milkshake (unless you count fraps).  It was worth every single calorie.  Delicious.  

Overall, I am very happy with my run. The wind for the first 2.5 miles was pretty tough, but I managed some negative splits on the way back. My overall pace was 11:00 which is currently my fastest pace post injury/LPM training.  I feel very optimistic about my former pace returning soon!


  1. You have me wanting to go to Fort Myers. Also, whee did you get that shirt? I love it!

    1. It's a great place to visit (and many people thing it's a wonderful place to live too....) the shirt is from old navy. I found it in the clearance section. I'm a huge fan of it too!

  2. 10' pace? Yeah, I remember those days. I haven't come close to putting up a 10' mile this year. Of course you're putting in a lot more work than me as of late. Also, that running shirt, though awesome, seems more fitting for like 30-40 degrees. I would spontaneously combust in that at 60.

  3. I did have to take the shirt off when I headed back south. The headwind made it needed, but I was hot for the second half. I'm looking forward to when my pace is always lower, but I'll take 1 mile out of 5 for now!

  4. Nice job on your run! Running into the wind is awful. The new running shirt looks really cute!