Friday, February 15, 2013

Dead legs, how do you deal?

I am purposely not running more than 3 days a week. Despite this effort I've been completing lots of workouts, spin, kickboxing, and walking. Not to mention I am a preschool teacher. I don't sit all too much.

The first few days of week 2 I was amped up on potential. I am traveling this weekend so I switched some workouts around only to skip my rest day on Wednesday. I hadn't noticed at first but on Thursday my legs felt dead. I went by autopilot to the gym, changed and climbed onto my favorite treadmill.

I ran for roughly a quarter of a mile and could barely lift my legs. Even walking seemed like tremendous effort. Then I replayed the past few days
Wednesday -walked 2.5 miles
Tuesday -ran 3
Monday- kickboxing
Saturday-5 miles

Whoopse. I had done 5 days of quality
workouts. No wonder my legs were tired. Rather than torture myself I hopped off, cleaned my machine and left.

I headed home where I cleaned and packed for my trip to visit my parents and was in bed by 9 and completely asleep by 9:30.

Rest was what I needed.

I woke up with my legs feeling heavy so I didn't force myself to the gym before school and thankfully by 2pm when I had time to squeeze in a run my legs were feeling better.

I googled "dead legs - running" and found many people have felt the same at some point. Not sore or in pain, just feeling heavy. There are mixed opinions as to the proper treatment, some feel that a slow run to "flush it out" is best others vote for rest.

For me, in this situation rest was what I needed. I'm curious to know what other people have found....

- and completely unrelated but my niece has her first tooth and is too adorable not to share, so enjoy.

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  1. Do you have ProCompression socks? They have helps me immensely! 20 miles Saturday and I was walking around fine on a Sunday!