Monday, January 14, 2013

Eating well and saving money?

It's a Monday, do I need any other reason to complain?

 Can anyone explain to me why it is significantly cheaper to buy fake food than it is to buy fruits and vegetables?   I can understand there is some geographic logistics, but I only purchase produce the USA in the winter ( and my CSA in the summer). So my food isn't traveling from Australia. I did have an Australian orange once while living in California. It seemed ridiculous and it was. It tasted terrible.  I am a vegetarian and I don't eat fake meat regularly.  (maybe once every 3 months) Yet my bill still ends up in the $60+ range.  I only shop in the perimeter of the store with the exception of the occasional frozen veggies, canned beans, rice, pasta, and coffee.  It drives me bonkers when the person in front of me has a whole cart filled with garbage and their bill is less than mine.  Shouldn't I get a healthy living refund? I am struggling to save money for some trips I'd like to take this year and have found that my grocery bill is higher than it should be, but I don't want to trade healthy meals for a trip to London/Amsterdam ( I sort of do, but not really.)

How do you save money and still eat well ?

Not real food.


  1. It's a total compromise. I actually just took a seminar on this over the weekend! I look for deals, sales and try not to waste as much food as possible. I choose recipes with simple, natural ingredients.. it's hard though. Companies profit off the cheap, fake food they produce, so naturally it is all they want to put in front of us!

    I'm not sure if that's helpful, but trying to find a balance and knowing you can't always make it perfect is helpful for me. Oh, and I force myself not to buy impulsively at the grocery store and stick to the list! Haha

  2. I feel the exact same way. And that's not shopping at Whole Foods. Plus, I feel like I end up wasting produce because it goes bad SO QUICK. If D and I skip a planned meal (because I always go in with a plan in order to not waste additional money), our produce can easily go bad from that extra day and we're out.

    I definitely look for produce that's more in season and some sales, but there are no coupons for produce. Thanks for're totally not the only one that's frustrated!

  3. if you find someone to split stuff (the essentials) with you at costco that's a great way also!

  4. AMEN. Part if it, is that there are no cheap filler. It's all useable and edible and nutrient dense. (All that paper & plastic packaging is pretty cheap)
    But you're doing the right thing for yourself - you're investing in YOU. I read once, that you should splurge on things that will touch your body (unnawears, make up, sheets, shoes) and cheap out for things that never touch your body. (Curtains, rug!) So following that, I should be willing to pay more for things that I ingest!

    But yeah, sucks that HoHos are way cheaper than Brussels sprouts!