Sunday, January 20, 2013

Albany Wayfarer

New name and new look.

This blog has been around for several different looks, it started first as I was moving from San Diego to Washington DC and teaching in a challenging environment.  I mostly blogged as an outlet for my own frustration for my school and a bit of dabbling in to run blogging   For a few months it became a travel blog as I gallivanted through Spain.  Once I returned it became more of a run blog again.  With a handful of travel and everyday infused. My blog has also had a few names, initially Traditional life on hold, then Traditional life in progress.

Initially this year I had though to build up my own travel blog.  But after struggling to find content as I spend most of my time not traveling, I decided to nix that idea.  I did however like the name I had established for my travel blog:  Albany Wayfarer.  I had learned through a trusty thesaurus that Wayfarer means more than a style of sunglasses made by Ray-Ban.  It actually means "A person who travels by foot."   So instead of giving up a name I really liked, I've decided to rename my blog once again.  So welcome to Albany Wayfarer.  Not much will change around these parts, just the name.  So hopefully you'll stick around!


  1. I like the new name and the new look!

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