Monday, January 28, 2013

ADK 46: Street & Nye Mountains

This past weekend, I proudly embraced life in the north.  I went to a hockey game with some friends on Saturday and then on Sunday decided to brave the cold temperatures to hike 2 more high peaks. For the first time since restarting my attempt of becoming a 46er, I hiked with some friends.  We met at the park n ride at 6:15 and began heading north.  The temps were not yet at zero, so we knew we'd be in for a cold day.  I kept trying to remind myself of the quote from Marshall Ulrich "Just because your hands are cold doesn't mean you have to say they are" I made this my mantra for the day, but I still made cracks about how cold it was regardless. 
Heart Lake

We reached Heart Lake at about 8:30 and signed into the trail head just shy of 9.  We opted to carry our snowshoes and hike with just boots since the snow was packed hard.  We followed the Heart Lake Nature trail/Indian Pass (I think) before veering right onto the Old Nye Ski Trail.  This trail is unmarked and unmaintained, but easy to follow with snowshoe paths.  It is up for debate if the snowshoe trail actually matches up with the herd path.  

We followed the trail up a creek for a while.  I felt terrible; I'm not sure if it was the cold, that I am sick ( wasn't at the time  but woke up feeling terrible), or that my body was already tired from the Jillian Michaels video I had done the day before but I was sucking wind the entire climb.

The very rustic trail markers
Eventually we reached the T where we split to go head to Street first.  When we reached the summit of Street we ran into 3 guys enjoying beer.  I was a bit jealous that I hadn't packed my own.  We chatted with them for a bit and then continued to wander around the summit to check out the views.  In the summer, I suspect it's hard to see much, but with the leaves down and a clear day, we were able to enjoy some nice views of the Adirondack Park.
On the Summit of Street

The Amazing Adirondacks

Official Summit of Street Mountain.  I didn't climb the tree.

After finding a nice sunny area that was mostly protected by wind, we sat and enjoyed some lunch.  My little thermos was not able to keep my quinoa and black beans warm in these temperatures, but it was still tasty. We sat until we began to cool off and needed to get moving, according to someones thermometer it was -5 degrees.  (Those can be fickle, but I don't think it was totally off.)  

very thankful for my new mittens and face mask
We decided to move onward to Nye which is one of the smallest of the 46 (#45).  We had to backtrack to the T and continue on for less than half a mile.  There wasn't a whole lot of elevation change and we were quickly on the summit.  There wasn't much space at the summit (that was packed down)  but we wandered around before heading back down to Heart Lake..

High Peak # 15
It was such a beautiful day, it was a nice change to have the sun.  My last two trips up to the ADK (Cascade & Porter and Phelps )were quite gross so today was gorgeous and also cold.  We began powering down the mountain, I never pulled out my new poles, but made it down much easier than my descent from Phelps.  I did still slide on my ass a few times, but that's typical for me.

Hiking friends!
We took quite a bit of breaks between water, catching our breath, and wardrobe changes as needed. In all I think we climbed 8-9ish miles and took us roughly 6 hour.  We probably could have hiked faster, but whats the point, the beauty is also in the journey.


  1. I'm so impressed! We were driving back from VT on Sunday and when we got to the Adirondacks it was about 17, so I'm sure it was much colder on the mountain!

  2. What a beautiful day for a hike! It sounds like you all had a good time. -5 sounds dreadful though!