Sunday, December 9, 2012

Week 1 of 5kaday

A few sights seen while running/walking Albany :

a very long and random icicle 

this startles me every time I walk by from my car...

The Hudson River and the USS Slater 

Creepy doll 

The Christmas Whale? 

 After I finished RLRF at the end of March,  I was in idletown waiting to start training for the Mohawk Hudson Marathon. Then I sprained my ankle and just became idle.  After being inactive for so long, it is hard to get back into the swing of things.  I have lost both cardiovascular fitness as well as physical fitness, from being out for such a long time.  I started doing RWrunstreak, but running one mile a day wasn't enough of a challenge to motivate me to do more. And then Michael posted about a 5kaday challenge.  Since my highest mileage month was back in March,  there was no way  I could safely run 3 miles everyday.  But thankfully walking is allowed so this week I have altered running my 5k and walking the next day.  Walking is a huge pain in the ass because no matter how hard I try, I am a damn slow walker.  But, I got it done all week.

On one of my walk days, I forgot to turn off my watch as I went to the wine store for an after walking treat, it was fun to watch the gps track me as  I did laps trying to find the bottle of my choice,  then proceeded to walk home and sit on the couch and enjoy said wine.  Eventually my watch realized I hadn't moved in a while and shut off, but it explains my 26 mile/minute pace on Thursday (whoops).

Aside from getting out and doing 5k each day, the biggest victory is that I've done it outside.  I live in upstate NY where winter is teasing us.  It isn't terribly cold yet, but it is dark and damp and quite frankly, I'm a wuss.  Typically by now I find an excuse to climb on the treadmill even if it is 40 degrees.  I don't currently have a gym membership, so in order to get in my 3 miles I only have one choice.  Sometimes not having options makes it easier to accomplish things.


  1. That's pretty good getting in a 5K/day. I'm not really sure I'd be up for that one.

    Love the Christmas Whale. I wonder what kind of holiday could be made around a magical whale? Thoughts?

  2. Excellent job this week Christine! That takes a lot of determination to get out and log the miles every day especially when it's cold outside.

  3. 5k a day! This is genius. While I'm not doing it in December, I definitely want to keep this in mind for January. Great job!