Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the Almost 5kaday week 2

I had every intention of maintaining my 5kaday last week.  I even laced up and went out when it was cold, dark, and raining.  I managed to knock out 3 5k's.

And then...

the heat in my apartment wasn't working on Thursday.  Once I got home from school, the thought of changing to go run/walking in the cold to return to a cold apartment lost its appeal. I also had a sudden urge to clean my kitchen in closet.  I'd like to refer to it as anti-nesting.  So, I did.  I stayed in when I very well could have gone out.  On Friday, I got hit with some kind of bug from my classroom.  It's been going around (I was puked on earlier in the week)  and left school around 1:30 to go home and sleep.  Thankfully I slept it out and never had the formal bug, but I've still been struggling with an upset stomach and dehydration for the past few days.

I did get back on the train (briefly) to go for a long walk with a friend and her dog on a local golf course on Saturday.  I finally joined a gym, since I know I'm weak and wouldn't be able to hold out against the cold all winter.  So on Sunday, I decided to go to a yoga class.  I thought I might go running after, but this class was tough, and since it has been quite a while since I've gone.  I was exhausted when I finished.  So I was a 5kaday failure last week.

"Every passing minute is a chance to turn it all around"

I'll get it this week!

if you have any idea of NYS geography, this sign doesn't make any sense.

cold, dark, wet.

not even remotely impressed that I was running by

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  1. Sorry you got a little sick. I'm sure you will get lots of use out of the gym this winter!