Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gym Rookie.

I am no rookie to the gym.  In fact, in college I was in facebook group called Gym Rats because I spent more time there, than I did in class or the library.  (But I probably spent more of time partying than all 3 combined.)

I've always been a member of the local YMCA, mostly because I was an employee.  Because the YMCA is family friendly and newbie friendly,  I always felt like a gym pro.  Then I joined a gym.  Like a gym gym.  Where there are body builders and really buff people working out.  I already felt a little out of place since I'm used to sharing the studio workout rooms with after school programs.

Not to mention I haven't been serious about working out since April/May-ish when I completed RLRF and was about to gear up for the Mohawk Hudson Marathon.  I hadn't worked out in a gym since March, when the weather was still crap.

But the weather is turning into winter and I was ready to get back into the swing of things. So I joined a gym.

On Monday I felt like a complete gym rookie.

1.  I brought my nalgene without the spill guard.  Which makes it nearly impossible to drink water while on the run.
Left: functional water bottle - Right = big mess. 

2.  I forgot my headphones.

3.  I got on a treadmill that was dead center of the row, there was absolutely no air circulation.

4. I didn't bring an extra t-shirt or magazine to cover up the treadmill display (otherwise I'll stare at it the entire time)

In short, it was a tough workout. But I survived and I'm looking forward looking more like a gym rat again and less of a rookie.


  1. You'll get back into the swing of it!

  2. splash guards are so clutch. I hate that feeling that I forgot literally EVERYTHING for the gym! Glad you made it! Try obsessing and making up stories in your head about people in the gym...that's my last resort distraction tactic!