Friday, December 28, 2012


Christmas was strange this year.  It was the first time in 28 years that my family did host.  My parents flew up from Florida and stayed with my Aunt J & Uncle A for a week to celebrate with the rest of our family.  Aunt J was kind enough to host Christmas this year so we all trekked out to the country for some lasagna and presents.

I love where my aunt lives, but it would take some adjustment to live there myself.  There is no cell service, certainly no data, only dial up internet, and the phone company still charges per calls made out and received.  But it is beautiful.  My whole family exchanged presents (we are finally switching to a secret santa style next year) and enjoyed too much food.  I decided to stay at my aunts for the night because thats where Santa would be delivering my goodies.

Santa did come, but we had to wait until my aunt was back from work.  So we decided to go out and explore my uncle's property.

The dog in the photo is my former pup Charlie, he was adopted by my aunt and uncle when I went back to graduate school a few years ago.  Aside from not wanting to miss Santa, I also very much wanted to spend time with the pup. We walked along the hill towards a "castle"  on the top.  I should have taken more photos but quite frankly, it was creepy.  It is however an excellent place to be in case the zombies ever make it to the greater Albany, NY area.

After our hike, I spent most of my day trying to get through the worlds longest book ever. (1Q84) and attempting to maintain consciousness.  It was a wonderful day.  Eventually we ate dinner and opened presents.  Even at 28 years old, it was a bit torture to wait until 8pm to open gifts.  I made out like a bandit, mostly because I gave my parents  Santa a very specific and easy to follow list.  

I absolutely love everything that I got, but a few of my favorites:  A medal and bib holder, now I just need to get someone stronger than me to nail some holes in the wall ( there is roughly 30 years of paint on these walls and not dainty nail friendly - lesson learned) A Charlie Brown and Snoopy salt and pepper shaker, Sanuk boots ( most comfortable and warm thing ever, just in time for our first snow fall) and a garlic press.  I received one for my birthday but then left it at the givers house because its where we used to cook.  Sadly it didn't ever make it out of the house, but has been replaced by one far more superior.

Despite Christmas not being at my own house and realizing that I don't actually have a home anymore it was very nice.  I am thankful that my cousins fiance is home from his deployment in time for the holidays and that everyone else is happy and healthy. 

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year!

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  1. It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Your aunt and uncle's place looks serene and beautiful.