Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas in Albany

Fun Fact:  Albany is the capital of NY (not NYC despite what many people outside of NY believe.) 

Fun Fact #2: There are 34 cities or towns named Albany 28 of which are in the United States.

Last fall while in Spain I met a girl from Albany, CA.  I had never heard of Albany CA because it isn't very large (pop. 18,539).  And while I know that most Americans are not aware of their state capitals, she looked at me and said "Everyone always asks me if I'm from NY when I say Albany, and I don't know why" (her city is actually named after my city....)  I know it's a bit country compared to the boroughs in NYC but it has some interesting history since it is one of the oldest surviving settlements of the 13 colonies.  

Albany is one of the first cities in the world to have installed public water mains, sewer lines, natural gas lines and electricity, bringing substantial new industry to the city and surrounding area during the 19th century. (wikipedia)  

You're welcome.

Now that I live in the city of Albany,  I appreciate the rich history a lot more.  Instead of my runs being throughout my high school campus and suburban neighborhood,  I've begun running through Washington Park and the Empire State Plaza. And while I'm not a Christmas festive person, the sights today were a nice addition to the run. 

sadly I didn't realize that part of the O was out until after I snapped the picture and ran away
NYS Capitol

Today's run was the beginning of Michael at Slowly-Tri-ing 5kaday challenge.  Today's run was to run for 30 minutes and then run/walk the remaining time to reach 3.10.  Fast it was not, but I completed it.  one day down, 3.1 miles to go, 83.7 left. 


  1. Your pictures of the lights are beautiful! Hooray for Day 1 of running knocked out.

  2. Thanks for finding me and entering the giveaway!

    Don't know why I remember state capitols, but I remembered that one..probably because it ISN'T what you'd expect..Just like Salem is Oregon's capitol and not Portland :)

    Sadly I would have to run many many miles to see just a few homes with lights (rural) - thanks for sharing yours!

    Looks like you are doing well with Michael's challenge!!

  3. Hope the challenge is going well! I don't know about everyone else, but it's much harder than I thought it would be :)

    Beautiful pics!