Saturday, December 29, 2012


When I reviewed 2011 it was easy to spot the common denominator-  Travel.  Looking back on 2012 isn't quite as easy.  It certainly wasn't travel. But I can't quite decide what one word could describe 2012

I ran, nannyed the toddler from hell, I fell in love, found a new career, joined a csa, I fell, watched a friend marry the love of her life, became an aunt, began my journey towards Montessori certification, had my heart broken, went to the Olympic opening ceremony, had my childhood home sold, moved into my first apartment on my own, was honored to be in my more like a sister than best friend's wedding, began my life as a Primary Montessori Teacher, traveled to Washington DC, Vermont, NYC, Boston, and Fort Myers, was honored to be invited to my more like a little sisters wedding, spent time with friends, family, laughed, cried, and drank quite a bit of wine.  

It was a roller coaster year.  Some years follow one route, one track, but this was not that year.  Somehow I think I'm heading in the right direction and thankful for this past year. 

In no particular order photos from 2012

Picture of my Niece's first Halloween, I wasn't there but it's an awesome picture.

Jumping photos really are the best

National Zoo- Washington DC

Happy Christmas!

My Cousin's first Mountain!

Le Moyne College Friends

my niece "swimming" just look at those cheeks!!!

it's awesome being an aunt and will be even more awesome when they move closer!

Farewell 2012,  you weren't always good to me but everything works out in the end.  Here is to looking forward to a happy and healthy 2013.  Happy New Year!

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