Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Volunteering # 5 Hudson Mohawk Marathon

This past weekend, I was suppose to run my 3rd marathon. But after the mud run and incredibly slow recovery I was unable to train and compete.  I decided to take the opportunity to volunteer at the race.  I also forced my cousin into joining me (I was watching her for the weekend)  

The perk of a fall marathon, is that they don't have to start as early as some summer races.  After getting successfully lost for 15 minutes,  I finally found the park where water station two was located.  Most of the volunteers were high school ROTC students. When we arrived most of the Gatorade and water was poured.  

Though most of the cups were filled completely, which seemed to be a huge waste, since most runners really only want a sip or two. We had nearly enough for all of the runners, but some of those that were further behind did miss out, which is a pet peeve of me being a back of the pack runner myself.

It turns out, I am a bit of a control freak sometimes, so there are some things I would do differently at the water station.  Here are a few tips if you ever find yourself managing a water station.

1. Put water first if there are additional electrolyte options. 

2. Fill up water 2/3 and Gatorade 1/2.

3. Have a volunteer whose job is to move cups towards the front of the table. (from behind the table!) 

4.  Remind your volunteers to stay closer to the tables than the path and out of the way of runners

5. Wear warm gloves and rubber gloves!

Despite the minor changes I would encourage, it was fun to be apart of the race even if I didn't get a chance to run it.  

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  1. I still have yet to volunteer for a race but I'm so OCD about certain things I don't know how I'd be able to handle the cups at an aid station. These seem like great tips for running a great aid station!