Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Eats, Vegetarian Style

Back in July, I decided to go meatless.  Not wanting to be the type of vegetarian that only ate pasta and pizza, I've made some big attempts at trying new and different foods.  Now that it isn't a million degrees in my apartment, I've been making some delicious stews, curries, and other vegetarian delicious meals. 


Veggie Potato Stew

Black Bean Soup & Meatless Chorizo

Beets & Greens Quesadilla

Most of my meals have been inspired by the amazing CSA that I joined this year.  I definitely plan on joining again next spring.  Until then, it's time to go back to frozen veggies and not so fresh produce.


  1. It sounds like you've found several yummy things to try now that it's cooler weather.

  2. Who has two thumbs and is going to have to google the recipes for those pictures? This Guy.

    1. A few of them I have linked up on my new years resolution page

  3. The beets & greens quesedilla made my mouth water. I *heart* beets and beet greens. Yum! What kind of cheese did you use?