Monday, September 3, 2012

August in a Nutshell

It's hard to believe that summer is unofficially over.  After coming back from London and successfully completing 7 days of p90x, life got super busy.  My parents sold their home (which I had been living at since November) and my aunt asked me to watch my cousin for the rest of the summer.  So, life got busy and fun.

My dad and I went for a walk at Vroman's Nose in Schoharie County, which over looks the farm land.  It was a clear and beautiful day. 

Look, I was there, I'm alive!

Then I started spending my days with my 10 year old cousin.  We did a whole bunch of easy hikes in various parks in the area before doing our first mountain hike.  We hiked Hadley Moutain and my cousin dominated.  She is a pro.  I am looking forward to having her come with me as I restart to do the Adirondak's Highest 46 peaks. 

My cousin was mildly tortured with helping me move into my classroom and new apartment (both of which I'll post pictures of soon) So sometimes we did fun things too, like play mini golf.  To be honest, I'm not sure how we didn't get kicked off the course since we played like wild women and we were no where near par. 

To close out the summer, my Dad and I took a day trip down to Yankee Stadium for the game yesterday.  My college Alumni assciation had planned an outing that included lunch and we jumped on the chance.  It was a fun day, even if the yankees lost ( to be honest, I'm more of a Padre's fan!)

So, there you have it, what I've been up to for the month of August, also sans internet since I haven't yet set it up at my apartment. 


  1. It sounds like August was quite busy for you. Hope the new school year is off to a good start for you!

  2. Sounds like a lovely August to me...May your school year be blessed my friend