Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All moved in. (finally).

My childhood home

When I left NY on September 10th, 2007,  I swore I would never move back to Albany.  But low and behold, life has taken me back to where it all started.  Even my parents had the good sense to finally leave. They sold my childhood home and decided to make Florida their year-round home, or at least until they find something more practical than their 4 bedroom, swimming pool, family home that they only lived in for 3-4 months a year.  Two years ago, it wouldn't have phased me much that they were selling the house, but after moving back and in to my old home, it sucked.

I spent from August 15th until September 15th moving into my new apartment.  My first place without roommates.  It took forever.  I had moved from San Diego to DC with everything I owned in my little corolla and again from DC to Albany.  

At least I thought it was everything I owned, until my parents forced me to clean out all of the stuff I had kept in my free storage unit (the basement).  I was given strict limits to 2 Tupperware bins to keep in their now paid for storage unit (which I stretched to three)  and the rest came with me to my one bedroom 3rd floor walk up in downtown Albany.

It was a long month, school started, my laptop had died, I only have a flip phone, and I couldn't be bothered to set up the internet or cable until I had a new laptop. So long story short that is what led to my internet absence.  

I will also never be moving ever again. 

But I love having my own place and can check off another bucket list item (Live on my own).  I also now have internet again so I'm looking forward to returning to the blog world!

my teeny kitchen.  "great" cabinet space if you're a giant.

Living room.  It' official I'm grown up, I have curtains!

There is no real good angle to take the photo of my bedroom.  It's small but fits a dresser and full size bed.

also, if you are feeling generous.... 


  1. Congrats!!! Looks to be an awesome transition for you...I haven't lived home in 6 years and I was forced to move my stuff (wedding presents, aka nice dishes etc that will NOT be packed, unpacked, then repacked from my NYC dwelling!)to a closet. It was tough. Free storage still in tact.

  2. I'm glad you've finally gotten settled in and things have returned to normal. I've missed your blog posts. Your new apartment looks great!

  3. Moving is a pain. Once we got the house my parents kept bringing boxes every time they came. I'm sure there is still more. I'm glad you are settled and the apartment looks super cute!