Saturday, August 11, 2012

p90x Week 1

Unless you've been living in a cave you've at least heard of p90x.  I purchased a copy back in the spring of 2010 but have yet to complete the entire program.  I did make it through 30 days on my first try, but then moved across country and promptly stopped working out.

So now, 2+ years later, I'm trying again. My ankle is still sore and I haven't been running, but I need some structure to working out and decided now was a good time to try again.  I am doing p90x Lean rather than the original p90x.  I made this choice mostly because the original routine is designed to build strength and conditioning, while the lean is mean to work cardio and reduce body fat. They both use the same set of DVD's just in a different order.  Since cardio is what I'm missing most about being inured I figured it would be the better fit. Plus the p90x plyometrics video is not included, which is helpful since my ankle wouldn't handle jump training just yet.

The first workout of the series is Core Synergistic, which is by far the hardest workout of them all for me.  I don't have a particularly strong core.  There are several exercises that I can't quite figure out how they do them since my core is so weak.  I do have to do several modifications (using my knees instead of full push-up position and not using any weights) but I'll get there.  I was sore for three days after this workout this week, I'm curious to see how sore I am after this week's session. 

What's great about the workouts is that there is a timer and a lot of variety to the exercises so it helps the time go by quickly. I did go to my real yoga class, rather than p90x yoga since I still have a few remaining weeks left on my membership before I move, so while my class probably lacked in some strengthening, it made up for in relaxation and stretching.

I could post some embarrassing unflattering photos of myself (taken as recommendation from Tony Horton to review progress)  but I'll refrain until the end and there is a need for some side by side comparison.

Has anyone had any experience with p90x?  several of my friends have started it, but I don't personally know of anyone who has completed the program.


  1. Hey Christine, great job on picking up P90X again. I remember before I got through the whole program I probably re-started phase 1 like 5 times.

    This past January, something Beachbody Coach told me that "If you hate re-starting so much, stop quitting". So I did it...I made it all the way through and haven't looked back since.

    Stick with it...if the moves are too difficult or hurt your ankle modify and get through it. You'll be better for it at the end.

  2. Don-Lee started it, but like many stopped when life got in the way. It looks like an incredibly intense program that works. GL!

  3. Not sure I know anyone who has completed it; however, I do know people who have completed Insanity. That kind of stuff is great, just be careful with your form. As Shaun T says, "Don't compromise form for reps."

  4. I have not tried it yet...maybe when this pelvic stress fracture is fully healed...I know I would like to try Insanity for sure!

  5. I have a couple of friends who have completed it and I was amazed at how strong they were after. Hope Week 2 workout goes well for you!