Sunday, August 5, 2012

London Recap '12

Although I wish my sister, BIL, and niece lived closer,  I can't really complain that I get to visit them in the magnificent London.  Last year, I had the chance to stay for longer, while this trip was a quickie.  I left from Newark, NJ  on July 25th.  I had to drive down to the Howard Johnson Hotel (which was quite nice)  because I picked the cheapest flights which included an 8am departure.  Albany is just too far to try to get that done in one day, so I spent the night before and was able to leave my car there for the week.  

It was my first time flying Virgin Atlantic, and everything went very smoothly.  I read for almost the entire flight, with a few times of playing with the interactive map on the the TV.  Because I landed at 8pm,  My sister ordered a car for me ( and I wish I had taken a photo of the man holding my name on a card,  probably the first and last time that will ever happen)  and I made my way to Nottinghill. 

I finally got to meet my adorable niece Lily, who is as precious as she looks in this photo.

On my first full day, my dad and I took a walk in Hyde Park,  it was an uncharacteristically beautiful day, and quite nice to just wander around.  We ended up at the future Triathlon stadium, but clearly too early for the event.

 That evening I went out with my friend Rob ( which I mentioned in my previous post)  and woke up with more of a headache than I felt I deserved.  But regardless, Friday was the big day.  I already wrote about it once, but I have loaded up my computer and found my pictures to be better than I expected when I had stolen my dad's pictures.  So, here is round 2 of the Opening Ceremony.


 The rest of the week was a mixture of spending quality time with Lily, and some sight seeing.  My dad and I went to Buckingham Palace for a tour and decided to have a coffee ( I needed more caffeine than tea could provide)  unfortunately, the Queen was either at some Olympic events, or out at their summer home, so she was unable to join us.

All in all, it was another great trip to London.  I'm already looking forward to my next trip across the pond!


  1. Haha, love the jumping picture at the end. Your niece is so precious! I know you guys had a wonderful time holding her and spending time with your sister and brother-in-law. I've always wanted to take a tour of Buckingham Palace. Was it fun?

  2. caruso this looks so awesome!
    and your niece is adorable!
    hope all is well :)

    xoxo ms. chaaang

  3. That was an amazing trip for you! WOW! I'm so jealous. Your niece is beautiful and I know what it's like having them 5 hours away (Mine is in CA). Seriously, buy books and read them to her over skype. It's the most tear jerking/fulfilling moments ever. Concerning your comment about the pool, leave your legs dead and swim freestyle without kicking. It's a huge arm workout and cardio. I tend to want to do it more than the actual stroke, but I kick anyway. There's some sort of float that you can get for your legs ( that puts ZERO pressure on da ankle!