Thursday, August 2, 2012

July Resolution Recap!

Because I know, and anyone that reads these boring resolution recaps each month know, I am behind on the majority of my self improvement goals.  But,  I'm determined to force some guilt on myself each month, and maybe, just maybe I'll get there by December 31st.  
  • Yoga once a week (12/52)
I haven't improved since last month, I never quite took the initiative to find a yoga place while in Massachusetts, and wasn't home long enough before leaving for London.  The one upside is, if I go 3 more times before December, I'll last years attempts at yoga. 
  • Complete a full cycle of p90x
I've actually decided to start this on Saturday.  I am still not able to run, but I think I can start knocking out a bunch of the workouts.  I'll have to play it safe during Plyo, but I think now is the best time since I am 1. done traveling, 2. on vacation and 3. tired of not being able to run regularly.
  • Complete 12 things off my life list (3/12)
I did complete 1 life bucket list,  I went to the Olympic Opening Ceremony in London last week.  It was amazing.  I wrote a brief post about it, and will be posting more about my trip to London this weekend.
  • Run a 5k in under 25 Minutes 
Probably isn't going to happen since I am still not running but there still is always December!
  • Run a 5k in 21 Minutes (21:59 is acceptable)
hahaaaa, still funny, its amazing that I wasn't drunk when I wrote these goals for the year. Really, where did this come from?!
  • Volunteer 1x per Month(3/12)
Since I am newly no longer a couple, I have some free time floating around, and a need to meet some new people.  I am set to volunteer at a race on Sunday so hopefully it will help me get my act together on this goal.
  • Read 30 books a year(15/30)
I am almost caught up on this one.  I knocked out nearly 5 books last month, my favorite being Wild.  There is hope for this goal yet!
  • Run 3x a week (53/156)
Still bummed that I'm not running yet,  I've had to back out of Reach The Beach Relay and the Hudson Mohawk Marathon I was planning to run.  Ugh.
  • Race 1x a Month (6/12)
See previous entry
  • Follow 1 new recipe a week (22/52) 
I am nearly 10 weeks behind on this, but not too worried.  I have already surpassed last years new recipes! 

So there it is,  another month down.  Boy 2012 is flying by quickly!


  1. I feel like you are doing pretty good with your progress for the year. I planned to try new recipes this year and I'm pretty sure I have only made two or three new things all year!

  2. I'm not hitting mine very well either. Actually, half the time, I don't even think about my goals until the entire month's over. I kind of suck at this.

  3. Oh... I loved Wild!
    (PS - I'm behind on my yoga goals, too -- but running injury might help me get back on track with that one?)