Monday, August 6, 2012

Indian Ladder 3.5mile race- Volunteering

In attempts to redeem my sad state of resolutions ( but a big thanks to those who think that I'm still doing well!)  When I got the email from my (former) running club that they needed volunteers for a trail run, I jumped at the chance.

So yesterday, despite a long evening of Saranac Blonde Blueberry Ales, dancing to Bon Jovi, and night swimming, I pulled myself out of bed and down to Thacher State Park.  My parents used to take me to the park, but I haven't been on my own accord.  Now that I'll be moving about halfway close I definitely plan to, it was beautiful.

The 15k started at 9am and the 3.5 started at 11am. The hangover gods were kind to me, and had me volunteering at the 3.5 mile race.  After receiving my slightly too large volunteer shirt, I walked along the course to get to my course marshal-ing spot.  The volunteer director had a lot of faith in my ability to direct the runners down a lollipop and then over to another trail.
Most of the first mile is single tracking,  i can't decided if that would help me pick up my pace or wear me out.

Despite being a bit muggy, the weather and shade was quite good for a late race in August.  I enjoyed cheering on the 100 or so runners that took on the challenge. After I was done,  I wandered over to the free (if you registered for the race or volunteered)  BBQ.  Unfortunately they didn't have a ton of vegetarian options, so I snacked on the granola I had brought before heading home.

 It seemed that the race went well for runners.  As a runner, I wouldn't have minded some sign indication of the mile markers and I was surprised that there wasn't a water station set up at the half way point. Regardless, I hope that next year, I am able to be a runner rather than a volunteer


  1. That's surprising that there wasn't a water station. It sounds like you had a good time volunteering!

  2. The pictures are beautiful. I too am behind on new years goals but have been focusing on our 101 list. Can only do so much, right?

  3. Fun! The only race Mike and I have volunteered at so far was a trail race, but a marathon! We are volunteering for 2 more races this year.