Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremony

After my Montessori training ended,  I drove down to Newark airport to fly to London.  ( I flew Virgin Atlantic and I highly recommend them fyi)  On Thursday, my dad and I walked around Hype Park, checking out a lot of the Olympic structures and enjoying the rare beautiful day.  That afternoon, the Torch passed my sisters apartment so we all piled outside and watched him pass by

I spent Thursday night hanging out with my friend Rob, who I met in San Sebastian last fall.  We downed a bunch of Estella's in honor of our Spanish connection, and I definitely woke up feeling a bit parched. The majority of Friday was spent cooing over my new adorable niece. Until we packed up and left to head to the Olympic stadium.  Because we left fairly early ( as recommended by the Olympic Committee)  we had not trouble getting a seat on the tube for the ride to the park.
we aren't actually team GB but failed to get American Flags

we had taken a lot of pictures.  I made this awesome face for this one

We were worried that security was going to be rough, but it was quite easy.  It was a bit of a walk from the tube to the enterance, which helped pace people out.  We went through airport style security and with no trouble made our way in.  

We sat and ate some of the (mildly overpriced) food Where most meals cost about 8.50 pounds.  Eventually it was time for us to find our seats.  While my brother in law was able to get 8 tickets, they were in groups of 4 so our family split up to find the respective locations.  My camera is quite garbage so I've actually stolen my fathers pictures to share since he has one of those fancy DSLRs,  We weren't sitting together, so what he saw was slightly different than mine, but cool regardless.

Team GB entering the Arena

Somewhere during all of the country entrance  I began thinking about hunger games, did anyone else thing that as well?

my adorable parents! 

While I'm sure if you watched at home, you noticed how many countries are participating in the Olympics this year (205 in case you didn't keep count)  so the ceremony was long.  When we did leave,  we also left at the exact same time as 80,000 other folks.  Thankfully everyone was in great spirits and too tired to be jerks, so like cattle we all wandered back to the tube station and back home.  Overall I'd say that the committee did an amazing job of making it enjoyable and easy to attend such a spectauclar event!


  1. Lucky You! I thought the Opening Ceremonies were amazing. There was a great mix of history, humor, and other fanfare. Of course, having a corgi ourselves, we loved the inclusion of the queen's corgis.

  2. You are officially too cool to be my friend. :)

  3. Looks like an amazing time! I did also think about the Hunger Games a little bit during the opening ceremony!

  4. I can only imagine how amazing it was to be there and see the opening ceremony in person!