Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mixing Montessori training with vacation

This week was very busy. In the awesome it feels like I'm traveling even though I should be studying/working/preparing for my life as a Montessorian kind of way. On Tuesday, I had the great luck to meet Suz and Allan from Cows and Lasers and Everything in Between. (Suz actually has the photo proof) I met them, and their friend Austin for dinner and drinks at Boston Beer Works which had amazing watermelon beer and blueberry ale.

This was my first blogger meet up, and it was a ton of fun.  If you don't read their blog, you should because they are wonderful people!

After class on Wednesday, I drove up to the Mass/New Hampshire border to meet my friend Megan for dinner.  Megan is my Spanish little sister (even though she isn't Spanish)  we met while studying at Lacunza last fall in San Sebastain. (You can check out her blog here) It was a blast catching up with her and the Mexican food was delicious. If you should ever find yourself in Methuen check out Plaza Azteca.  It was some of the tastiest food I've had in a while.

Myself and a few classmates went to Newburyport yesterday after class and walked around the cute seaside town saw the HMS Bounty which is one of the merchant ships in the Pirates Movies

Today was filled with Tag Sales.  (Otherwise known as garage or yard sales)  Two of my classmates were interested in going, so I went along for the ride.  I did find a costume dress to add to my classroom, and an adorable book to add to my ever so empty library for students. After we went to Woodman's, which is where parts of Grown Ups were filmed and also mentioned in the 1,000 places to visit before you die.  I ate a lot.  And it was worth every single calorie.  All of them.  

I can't decide if  I should be more ashamed that I couldn't finish it off, or that I ate all that I did.  Either way, it was tasty, and I will resume Pilates and walking tomorrow.  

The day finished at Cranes Beach, which sadly I only took really lousy generic beach photos that don't do it justice so here are a few that are far better than mine.  It was beautiful.  


All in all it was an excellent week.  My regular Pilates, and walking took a huge hit while being so busy, but I'm looking forward to get back to it for my final week here in New England.


  1. I'm glad you are having an amazing time! I think that Mike and I will definitely make a stop at Boston Beer Works sometime!

  2. We had such a great time meeting you and hanging out with you for the evening. Too bad we couldn't have taken you to CA with us!