Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Resolution Recap!

While I was a perfectly able body,  I still managed to fall behind on my many new years resolutions.  Now that I'm a gimp it is most certainly helping me have excuses for why I'm not meeting my goals, but certainly not helping me actually achieve them.

Anyhow, quite a bit happened in June and thankfully all very good things.  Because of my new job, I was quickly shipped out to North Shore, Massachusetts where I am about 30 minutes north of Boston, and in the land of crooked streets that lead to nowhere.  You can tell that this part of the country is older, simply because of it's lack of planned streets.  It's a goddam maze to get around and there are not direct routes to anywhere.   Anyhow, I am here for 4 weeks total with 3 weeks remaining.  Because of this, there has been a bit of an adjustment period to not being on my own turf.

But as I enter the first week of a new month,  it's time to reorganize and refocus on those pesky new years resolutions that will in theory turn me into a better person. 

  • Yoga once a week (12/52)  before making the temporary move to Mass,  I did make it to two yoga classes this month. I am almost surpassing last years yoga classes of (14) so I'm feeling that it's better than nothing.  I have been doing Pilates most days either before or after class but it provides a different kind of workout.
  • Complete a full cycle of p90x  I'm sharing a room here at Montessori summer camp, and I've already subjected my roommate to watching me roll around on the floor to do Pilates.  I feel that I would be taking it a bit too far if I started grunting and yelling "bring it" in our very peaceful home.
  • Complete 12 things off my life list (2/12)  I took a good look at my list the other day to see what I might be able to accomplish while I'm in the Boston area,  unfortunately there isn't a ton, but I am going to London in 23 days to meet this gorgous girl (and of course her wonderful parents that would be my sister and BIL) and to spectate some of the Olympics. So I'll be able to finally update this one next month.
Watch out Mummy and Daddy, Aunt Chris is going to spoil her rotten.

  • Run a 5k in under 25 Minutes  I still cannot run.  With my injury, it looks like this will be next winter's treadmill workout goal. 
  • Run a 5k in 21 Minutes (21:59 is acceptable) I still think this is funny.  This will most likely never happen.  Maybe my injured foot will give me special running powers like Henry from Rookie of the Year.  Not likely, but a girl can dream.
  • Volunteer 1x per Month(3/12)  I have a lot of volunteering catching up to do.  
  • Read 30 books a year(10/30)   I am making progress, slowly but surely.  I have a whole bunch of Montessori related books that I have been encouraged to read, so I'll be working my way though those as quickly as I can before the school year starting.
  • Run 3x a week (53/156) I haven't run since my last run.  I have started walking more.  I'd love the advice of a professional as to what a good recovery plan would look like, but atlas, that will have to wait until August when I am insured again. This week I walked a grand total of 7.86 miles which I accumulated from walking to/from class, it's better than nothing, but I would LOVE to go knock out a 10 miler.
  • Race 1x a Month (6/12)  Since I ran 2 races in May, I am not technically behind yet.  I did give away my boilermaker bib, so maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to run/walk a 5k near the end of the month!
  • Follow 1 new recipe a week (21/52) Sadly I have not made any official new progress on this, but I did make a mean salad.  No recipe needed.  Does that count?  Does that mean I'm finally getting the hang of what flavors might go well together?  It's too soon to tell, but the new salad has become a staple in my diet while at Montessori camp
June was an excellent month to me,  just not really in terms of my resolutions.  The best part is, there are still 6 more months to become a better person.  Happy July !


  1. July is going to be a great month for you especially with a trip to London!

  2. you still have plenty of time to catch up on those resolutions ;-) hope your foot recovers quickly!!

  3. Very exciting about the trip to London!! You are doing great and there are still 6 months left in the year :)