Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Going Meatless

Unlike the author Jonathan Safran Foer,  I have been am omnivore for my entire life.  There was a period in time that I was not eating beef or pork, but still chowing down on poultry and fish.  I've considered becoming a vegetarian mulitple times, but have yet to commit.  After reading Ominvores Dilemna, In Defense of Food, The Feast Nearby, Animals, Vegetables, and Miracles, I began wanting to focus on eating more local, I joined a CSA and have been paying more attention to the produce I do by in grocery stores to ensure that the are at least from the United States and ideally the greater upstate NY region.  After reading Eating Animals, I have decided to make the commitment to becoming a vegetarian. 

Thankfully, I love nuts, whole grains, and beans so I know I can consume the appropriate amount of protein.    There are plenty of amazing vegetarian and vegan runners and athletes to set an excellent example.

I highly recommend this book. Not because I think we should all be vegetarians (food choices are more personal to people than religion or politics)  but because it is important to know where your food is really coming from.  The book can be a bit graphic but it's reality.  For me, I cannot justify consuming animals that are raised in such unsustainable and inhumane fashion.

It'll be a bit of a challenging making the change, but it's worth the efforts. I know Danielle and Jess are vegetarians, are there others that I'm missing?

All those omnivores that have excellent vegetarian friendly meals (ie no meat, poultry, or fish -- eggs and milk okay)  send them my way, I have a lot of learning to do!


  1. Before going vegetarian (or pescatarian in my case) in January, I had thrown around the idea for years. I decided to make a clean start this year and phased out most other options. I actually enjoy most vegetarian meals more than those with meat. I have never had a problem with running and my vegetarianism (and I actually don't eat fish all that often). Hope you're happy with your lifestyle change! And congrats :)

  2. Somehow I totally missed this post! I'm pretty confident you'll start to feel better by cutting out meat. The hardest thing for me when I became a vegetarian was eating enough of the right food to feel full. It's a little harder to find enough protein, but if you're conscious of it you'll be just fine. If you haven't already, check out nomeatathlete.com .