Sunday, June 3, 2012

Surviving one week later

After my fall on saturday,  I had a hard time adjusting from being an able body to being injured.  I went to 4  social events while hobbling on crutches and at times literally being carried by my amazing man. On Monday, I finally spent the majority of the day actually laying in bed with my foot raised and all the other RICE things that are suppose to happen.

I hadn't yet been able to walk unassisted so I decided to take a day off from school, since I felt that I would be more of a hassle than a help. I returned to school on wednesday, but chose to go the whole day with out crutches, which proved to be quite dumb since I left in a considerable amount of pain and sheer exhaustion.  So on Thursday I went with my crutches and used them for about half the day, which seemed to relieve a lot of the additional pressure.

I've had a few pity party moments throughout the week and for almost an entire day on Friday.  I had thought that I would be pain free by then, and felt discouraged that I hadn't been making much progress.

I had tried all week to give away my Friehofers Run for Women race entry.  I wasn't charging, just didn't want it to go unused but it seemed that everyone that wanted to run it, had already registered ( I didn't really try that hard, just a facebook post and word of mouth at school)  Some co-workers went to the expo during school hours and picked it up for me, and while I didn't run the race, I now own a new tech t-shirt that I'll sport at home only since I didn't officially "earn" it

Left: last week  Right: This week

while still a bit swollen, the cankle is gone!
The majority of the swelling has gone down, not all of it yet.  And since I can't go to a doctor, it's hard to totally know what exactly is going on, but one day at a time, I know that it will improve and I just need to be patient.

On Saturday I began doing Pilates.  I had studied it in college and remembered that the majority of it is mat based and non weight bearing.  Thankfully I still had my book from my course which made it easy to set up and go.  My mood drastically improved after 45 minutes of exercise.

So for now, my running plans are halted and it will now be a time of Yoga, Pilates, and Aqua jogging.  Maybe somewhere in there I'll find some inner peace and the meaning of life.



  1. Ouch! I hope it gets better soon. Crutches and classrooms are the worst.

  2. I'm glad you are starting to heal!! I'm sorry that you didn't get to run Friehofers!

  3. Glad you are starting to heal! Allan actually loves pilates and he got me started on it years ago.

  4. Oh my goodness! That looks painful! Rest up, ice up, and by ice up I mean eat some yummy ice cream...and you'll be back to running in NO time.