Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Victories

Today, I had drafted a very pouty post about how I've been itching to break a sweat. I've been doing my pilates and most of my yoga classes but I've been missing cardio.  I spent some time reflecting about how I am still very fortunate to have a body that listens to me (most of the time)  and that I can still move voluntarily despite not being able to be athletic.

After sitting in Montessori Institute all day, I needed to do something physical.  I wasn't sure what my ankle would allow for me to do, as almost all cardio machines include the need for a functioning ankle but I was desperate to break out in a sweat and a sauna wasn't going to cut it.

Yesterday, I had climbed on to my bike, only to instantly get off because of the shooting pain I met when I tried to peddle.  Maybe it's because I was unstable in climbing onto my bike, that put unnecessary stress on my foot, or maybe I imagined it so I wouldn't have to strap my bike rack on my car and lug it out to North Shore, MA but when I climbed on to the stationary bike, it felt okay.  

I ended up being able to bike for 10 miles!  It felt a bit sore when I finished, but certainly not painful. I am ecstatic that I am now able to incorporated cardio exercise into my routine.

After my ride,  I drove around the area, trying to familiarize myself a bit and came across a bay. I have no idea which bay or really where I was, but I figured it was a nice opportunity to cold bathe my ankle for a few minutes

I am very thankful that my ankle is starting to show progress, and hopefully I'll be running again soon!


  1. Maybe it was some magical, mystical hidden healing bay that helps you get out there faster...

  2. oh christine... i haven't been reading so im not sure what your ankle issues are but I hope it heals quickly. there is nothing worse than wanting to do something physical and not being able to!

  3. I bet dipping your feet in the water felt so nice. Great job with the 10 mile bike ride!

  4. Great job on your ride! I hope that you are starting to feel better :)

  5. I don't know how long you've been injured, but coming from someone that's been injured for 6 months, I understand where you are. It will get better. Promise.

  6. All good things!!! Biking, weddings and a NIECE! They're the best. A shopping hazard (I can't resist getting them things!), but the best nonetheless. Congrats on the sweat session. "Stay the course" toward recovery and you'll be running before you know it!