Friday, June 1, 2012

May Resolution Recap

It's that time again where I look back my resolutions and see how I far behind I have fallen!  Thankfully I still have 6 months to continue to make progress.
  • Yoga once a week (10/52) I only made it to one yoga class this month.  Between a bridal shower planning meeting, my birthday and my injury it's how the cards fell since I really only like one class.  With my sprained ankle I may try to go this upcoming week if for no other reason than for the moral aspect of keeping some resemblance of a routine.
  • Complete a full cycle of p90x I did one day!  I had planned to start on June 1st but now I'll need to re-evaluate as I heal.
  • Complete 12 things off my life list (2/12) Nothing new has been accomplished.
  • Run a 5k in under 25 Minutes  No 5k's were completed.
  • Run a 5k in 21 Minutes (21:59 is acceptable) Still probably wont happen.
  • Volunteer 1x per Month(3/12) I only volunteered once this month at the CDPHP Corporate Challenge.  Atleast no matter what, I've volunteered more this year than I did all of last year! ( I only volunteered once)
  • Read 30 books a year(8/30)  I read 3 books this month,  two were entirely trash ( 50 shades of grey and 50 shades darker, they were so dumb that I refuse to read the 3rd)  Slowly but surely I am making progress on this one.
  • Run 3x a week (53/156) I had plans to catch up the last week of may, but by now, we all know how that goes. 
  • Follow 1 new recipe a week (21/52) I am just about on track with this one.  As of right now, I have made as may new meal as I did the entire year last year, so wohoo.


  1. Great work! My coworkers are obsessed and harassing me to read 50...I refuse. Don't need sordid details to spice up my life, as many others claim. ;-)

  2. I quit Facebook, and am attempting to blog for you...I have no idea what I am doing. But, it's an interesting endeavor. This means I'll have to make it off-post at least once a week so I can have a photo to post for you...

  3. Nice job this month! I'm not reading the 50 books-it's just not my style of reading.