Monday, May 28, 2012

Survive the Farm 5k Challenge Recap

I have run some hard races. Back in 2008 PB (pre blogging)  I was poorly trained, but still suffered through the Nike Women's Marathon with out DNF-ing even though I walked nearly 10 miles. In 2009 I was well trained for distance, but not for heat at the Camp Pendleton Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon where I began to experience heat exhaustion symptoms and walked the remaining 5 mile. I've always prided myself on finishing what I've started, and do my best to tough it out and finish.  Unfortunately, this all changed this past weekend.

I had agreed to do a local mud run Survive the Farm 5k.  I was very excited about this for a few reasons, 1.  I truly did not enjoy the Warrior Dash when I participated a few years ago.  I think now it's worse with over sold races and poor organization. 2.  This race was local, neighbors helping neighbors and all that good stuff. and 3. Most importantly, as it is memorial weekend,  this race was a fundraiser for Operation Adopt a Solider and Hope for The Warriors.  A friend was running it and I decided I'd join her.  We got there the recommended time of an hour early, but certainly didn't need it, the registration line was quick and we received out bibs and shirts.  Sadly, the shirts are massive and unwearable but that is nothing terribly new for most races.  We sat and watched the first heat come in- it was helpful to estimate our time.  The race ends with a choice of a jump into a pond or army crawling through wire,  it was already a warm day, so I was looking forward to the pond.

pre-race all clean

Final obstacle, the pond

BBQ and tables for the after party

On time the race began and we were off,  we easily fell into a comfortable pace through uneven fields.  I've never spent so much energy judging each step and keeping my ankles secure.  We turned into the woods, and met some more familiar trails that I felt I could manage better.  There were a few streams with lots of sloppy mud on the banks.  This trail was not commercially made (maybe enhanced, but those streams and mud were sticky and slick)  I made it over a few streams over two sets of logs and then went to jump over another stream.

Since I was in the middle of the pack, I felt a bit rushed to keep moving.  But it was still my own fault that I jumped bigger than I could reach.  I landed on my right foot, which then turned out as I completely landed on it.  My legs and feet are strong, but not enough to maintain weight and balance so I crumbled.  I instantly got up to get out of the way and knew I had no hopes of finishing.  I encouraged my friend to continue, but she stayed and helped me out safely.  Some of runners that continued told the volunteers I  needed some help as I attempted to continue moving.

With each step I felt light headed and nauseous.  Thankfully after a few minutes some volunteers came and carried me out of the woods where I could then be placed in a 4-wheeler to the medic tent.  The medics were two nice volunteers who wrapped me up with ice and sent me on my way.

despite the pain and discomfort, i remembered to take a picture to share.

I was unable to put any weight on my foot so figuring out how to get to the car deemed to be a challenge. Thankfully the folks that supplied the massive flag,  let us drive down to the BBQ area so that I wouldn't need to crawl back up the hill to the main road.

massive flag.

Once home I spent 20 minutes or so crawling around becoming increasingly overwhelmed by how helpless I felt. I finally thought to myself "there has to be an easier way"  as I thought that, I remembered that crutches do in fact, exists.  I called my second family to ask if they had held onto my "fake" little sisters crutches from her ACL surgery. Thanfully they did and were kind enough to bring them over along with ice cream, trash magazines, and some fresh fruit.  Moments after they left, my amazing boyfriend came to the rescue with ace bandages and extreme patience to then cart me around for the rest of the weekend.

elephant foot.


So, with good reason I now have my very first DNF.  I will also have a DNS as of Saturday since I will not be able to run Freihofers Run for Women, but such is life.

Race shirt much too large.  (ps, note the adorable wedge sandals I  just bought that won't be worn anytime real soon. wah.)


  1. ouch!!!! Hope the swelling goes down quickly and you start to heal!!

    1. Thanks Danielle! I noticed today that my foot almost resembles a food again. (minute all the colors!)Hopefully I'll be back on the road soon!

  2. Oh no! That sounds and looks painful. Hope you get to feeling better very soon. It sounds like you have been well taken care of so far though!

  3. That sucks big time. I have fairly weak ankles that give me a fit from time to time. My current streak is the longest I've went without being sidelined. So my worst fear right now, especially with the marathon looming, and my distance training coming together, is that something like this will happen. I'm planning on tip-toeing ever so gingerly through this year's warrior dash, because I would hate to have that throw away race actually hurt me for October.

    I'm really sorry you got hurt, especially considering you just had a pretty nice long race prior to this. I hope you're not too bad off, but obviously it doesn't look to good. Keep us updated.

    1. Thanks! It's starting to make progress already, but it will set me behind slightly on my marathon plans. Thankfully it's early enough that as long as I don't push my luck, I'll be alright. Use my pictures as a warning when you go to do warrior dash! No leaping over streams of water, just get your feet wet ( that's my lesson learned!)

  4. Oh no!! Heal quickly! :(

    I'm glad that you were able to get a lot of help on and off of the course!

  5. Ouch!!!! I hope you heal up super quick!