Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cross Training

This week I had my first Hudson Mohawk Road Runners Marathon Club meeting and group run.  ( for future reference I'll refer to it as HMRRMC because even THAT is a lot to type)  Anyhow,  the training plan that the coach has given us has quite a conservative beginning but eventually moving all the way up to a 24 mile training run (I am NOT looking forward to labor day weekend.)  Because I am transitioning into newer minimalist shoes and trying to get my hips stretched out before October, I don't mind the low mileage but decided I would make a serious effort to incorporate quality cross training exercises.

I did one video of p90x, the core synergistic workout.  Which it is no secret that my abs are non existant and my hip flexors have grown significantly less flexible than my younger days ( I will be 28 next week! yikes)  There were a handful of exercises that I couldn't physically figure out how to do since I lack the strength.  I have done one month of p90x before and don't remember it being as challenging as it is now. But I digress, I actually thought that the workout was wasted on me because I was unable to do 1/4 of the workouts.

Oh, how I was wrong.  My ab muscles are still sore 4 days later.

I had full intentions of squeezing the workouts all week but life got a bit busy, so I will be officially starting next Monday.

On Thursday I decided to try out a free kickboxing class at LA boxing.  Aside from yoga and an occasional spinning class, kickboxing is the only other class that I really enjoy and my YMCA doesn't offer any.  LA boxing is a lot different than my YMCA class anyhow.  While it's an intense workout, it's not nearly as much fun. They have heavy bags and tape up your hands and give you boxing gloves.  ( I have a thing about my hands being hot and it making me feel overheated,strange I know, but I don't like boxing cloves)

The class was definitely a great workout, but for a $99 dollar registration fee and 74 bucks a month for a yearly contract seems outrageous.  So for now, I'll remain a loyal YMCA member.

It was definitely fun trying new things, and I've created an organized calendar to combine p90x with my early marathon training starting next week with a touch of flexibility for life to get involved.

Has any one else completed p90x while training for a marathon?  


  1. When I saw the picture of your hand in my google reader, I thought you broke it!! So glad that's not the case ;)

    I tried p90x for a while, but it made me incredibly sore and I decided running was my priority. My abs were TOAST for the first few times I did that section. You'll have to let us know how it coincides with marathon training!

  2. I too thought it was injured (hand)...glad it's not! I have yet to try p90x but want to try insanity I think!!!

  3. Crazy that you will work all the way up to a 24 miler!! Good thing I know the acronym already so I will know what you are talking about :)

    Good job trying some new things!