Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cohoes 15k Founders Day Race

I am a weekend and a race report behind,  but such is life, so I'll start off with the Cohoes 15k.  Although I never seem to train properly for this distance, I am a huge fan of the 15k.  Personally I love the half marathon more, but I haven't built back up to running those regularly.  The Cohoes 15k start line was about a half a mile from the house.  It would be foolish not to run it, since it was so close and cheap (35 bucks!)   Being able to walk down to the registration tent made it a very stress free morning.

I have been running regularly, but not very far distances, so I knew that I had to pace myself slower than I've been running to survive all 9.3 miles.  Not only was it a hot day, it was a hilly course.  Great practice for anyone running boilermaker!  I decided to work on pacing myself with my lovely new tomtom and went off.  Because my goal was to keep around 11 minutes, I was running at the back of the pack.  There were only 122 runners in the 15k total,  and they all looked pretty buff.  I enjoyed the run and they had an amazing amount of volunteers everywhere.  I did my best to thank each one of them as I took the tour of Cohoes.

Thankfully I don't know the area that well, because I was blissfully clueless the entire time as I ran around until the last mile.  I finished feeling strong and could have run 10-11 miles had that been needed by the race.
I very much liked this race.  The only minor detail was that the portapotties were not very close to the start.  Not critical, but I always like to have one near just in case.   The T-shirts were awesome, super lime green and they had women's cuts!

I'm looking forward to running it again next year!

The photographer has some serious copyright blocking skills, so I am unable to steal any photos, but if you're interested in seeing me try to break 1:45 at the last possible second: Click Here.

While certainly not my best race, I still pulled off a 13 second PR.  


  1. Sounds fun!! Maybe Mike and I will run it someday, I'm not sure if his mom has or not. Probably!

    Congratulations on your PR!

  2. That's a pretty intense face at the finish line!!! Great job with this one- sounds like it was a tough course!! Oh, and just out of curiosity- I tried to rip off the photo with Safari and was able to do so, so if you want, I can e-mail it to you!

  3. Congrats on the PR! I really like this distance too but there's only one local 15K here each year so I have to wait until October to run it.

  4. Intense! Never done a 15k but seems like neat distance...and can't beat walking there!!