Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birthday Run

I certainly don't feel any older or wiser, but I am in fact another whole year older. Just for surviving another year, I was majorly spoiled in the gift department. I had to teach, and the weather was quite miserable all day but because I was given a Nike + gps watch I got all dressed up and headed out for an easy 3 miles.

Look at that rock  ahem watch. It's a beauty!

My mom is home, so I made her take a photo of me before heading out.  Primarily because I wanted to take a picture of my awesome new pink tech shirt that I won from Suz and Allen at Cows and Lasers and Everything In Between . I was also excited to wear my Happy Birthday sticker that was given to me at school.

My mom asked why I didn't want to take a photo looking pretty.  Apparently, she didn't think the fake runner pose in the middle of the living room was my best look.  But my mom and I disagree quite often. However, without her I wouldn't have had my birthday yesterday, so Thanks Ma!

My run was a bit slow but it was fun playing with my new toy.  It'll be fun to use as I train for my marathon, which for anyone counting is 150 days away. 


  1. Yay!!! Happy birthday pretty lady! Hope the rest of the day/night is great!

  2. Happy Birthday lady!!! Love the pink tech tee!!!!!

    Can't wait to hear a review on the Nike+ watch!

  3. better late than never.......from one teacher to another, Happy Birthday, Christine!!!

    Sweet watch......and which marathon are you training for? I'm running Hartford in 156 days...

  4. Happy belated! Enjoy your new tech toy!

  5. Fake runner pose is pretty much what all the models are throwing up on the catwalk these days. It's the new hot look of the summer. Your mom is just outta style.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! The shirt looks great on you and I absolutely love the new Nike GPS watch!

  7. Happy birthday!! The shirt looks great on you! I hope you love your new watch :)

  8. Happy belated birthday!
    I found your blog through the Operation Hardcore Fit group. I don't belong, but I am making my way down the list to get a peek into lifes that I would otherwise not cross.

    For a second I thought we had the same mother when I read this post. My mother saw pictures of me on facebook once and said "those pictures look SO pretty. It doesn't even look like you." uhhhh... thanks mom.
    Anyhow.. it makes me laugh everything I think of it.

  9. Love that you got a sticker on your birthday. So "teacher-ish." ;-D If I had a dollar for every sticker / picture I've received...and you did...we'd be millionaires!!!!

  10. Happy (belated) birthday!

    PS - I think the photo looks great. :)