Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Last year I read Vegetables, Animals, and Miracles  and made a vow to start eating more locally produced food. Since I live in the Northeast and our growing season is short,  I keep my options relatively open by choosing food grown in the United States during the winter seasons and more local in the spring/summer.  Because of my growing attempts at being a more authentic locavore, I have stopped purchasing bananas, which are without question one of my top 3 fruits.  I haven't stopped eating them (slightly hypocritical yes, I know)  when they are offered at a race, I am definitely enjoying one as my reward.  Often my school will provide bananas as part of the hot lunch they serve on Fridays.  Luckily for me, my students do not enjoy banana's as much as I do, so I am able to take home the left overs and indulge.    Last Thursday I went home with 7 bananas.  I had planned to eat them over the weekend and possibly follow a new banana bread recipewith the remaining 2 or 3.  Unfortunately after I was injured, I  forgot about them entirely until my weekend calmed down (and I took an injured day from work) .  By now, they were well past my ideal eating time, so it was time to be creative with the massive bunch of Bananas.

I love banana bread, and trying out new recipies.  The problem I faced was that I had no flour and a bum right foot that kept me home. Cue google: Today I learned that you can food process oatmeal into flour to bake.  I loosely followed the recipe from here.

I made some substitutions because of what was available in the house.
  • Unfortunately I had to use good ole fashion white sugar because I did not have any brown sugar ( why haven't they created brown sugar in 1 cup increments so it doesn't get all hard and useless so quickly?)  but I did use less than 1/2 a cup - I used 3/8th (.375).  
  • I don't own sunflower oil, and honestly just forgot to add it, so mine in sans oil.
  • I added an extra banana to have 3 since I had so many I was trying to get rid of (which I think is what helped that I didn't have any oil)
  • No eggs in my fridge, and really what does an egg add to this?  Do any more experienced bakers know?
I love how these taste. They aren't too sweet but enough to satisfy.  Plus they truly are almost healthy.  Minus the sugar.  

For anyone keeping score,  I started with 7 bananas and used 3.  I still had 4 bananas that had to be used today or tossed.  I considered making another round of a different type of banana bread, but I thought I'd end up eating all of it so I decided to try something entirely different.

I'm not sure if I've ever had banana chips, or if I've ever enjoyed them, but I'd hate for my special treat of bananas to go wasted so I figured I'd give it a go.  Some recipes call for oil and frying, but not only would that involve hot oil and standing which I don't think mix with a sprained ankle, but also not the healthiest option.  So instead I followed baked route.  From an extensive google search, I found myself at this blog.  Most of all the recepies I found included lemon juice, which was yet another ingredent I don't have in my home.  I decided to improvise with some apple sauce.  I figured if the idea was just coat it in something sweet, that oughta do it.

After slicing three bananas,I let my banana chips bake for over 2 hours and then let them cool.  Once they cooled, I felt that they were too gooey to my liking, so I swapped out the old tin foil and replaced it with a new sheet before sticking them back into the oven to be baked at a higher temperature.  After about 10 minutes they had more of a crispy and golden (some burnt) look to them.

If you're still reading, you must love bananas as much as I do.  Or you're dying to find out what happened to the lone banana that was not included in the muffins or chips. Well, I won't leave you hanging.  I made a delicious smoothie.  

Chocolate flavored almond milk, Chocolate flavored vegetable based protein powder, a tablespoon of Saratoga Chillin' Chocolate Peanut butter and a Banana = delicious.

I'm excited that my special treat were not put to waste and that I was able to try two new recipes at the same time.  My house does smell overwhelmingly like bananas, but I suppose there are worst things in life.


  1. Mmmm, sounds good to me...all of the above...I love bananas though...thanks for sharing and blessings

  2. I would never think to make this stuff. I'm just not creative in the kitchen.

    New header? I like it!

  3. Put a small piece of bread in the brown sugar, and it will keep it from becoming all one chunk for a while. That's my trick.

  4. Haha, great job using all of the bananas up! Everything looks great! I do love bananas too :)