Sunday, April 1, 2012

RLRF Week 12

My recap for week 12 is a bit short.  I had yet another week of both teaching and babysitting leaving my only run options to be on Wednesday and Thursdays before Saturday's 5k race.  I felt pretty beat on wednesday so opted to rest. I had ordered new running sneakers ( a review to come )  and was excited to run in them.  Despite knowing that I probably shouldn't have, since they are very light weight and very different from my Pegasus I headed over to the YMCA to complete my final RLRF workout 1

RLRF Workout 1
10 minute warm up
6 x 400 
w 1:00 min RI
10 Minute cool down

Christine's RLRF Workout 1
1 mile warm up
6 x 400
w 1:00 RI

I'm guilty I didn't really cool down.   But I got the important stuff done.

Because I didn't do workout 1 until Thursday, it seemed silly to run workout 2 on Friday and try to race on Saturday. Especially because I have discovered that I am allergic to upstate NY.  I skipped workout 2 and thought there was a big chance that I wouldn't even make it to the race on Saturday.  I struggled with allergies and asthma but decided to forge on anyways, especially since I wasn't the only one to train for this race.

RLRF Workout 3
5k Race

Christine's RLRF Workout 3
Ice Breaker Challenge 5k 

Race recap to come!


  1. Excited to read your race recap!

  2. I can't wait to hear about your race! Oh and I just started following you on twitter :)