Sunday, April 22, 2012

Old Champlain Canal Path

Lately, I've been working on finding new running routes that are either near my house or along my way to/from work.  Last week, I stopped in Waterford and hopped onto the Old Champlain Canal Path.  When I had initially read about the tail, I thought that it was 3 miles in length (6 miles total).  It ended up being closer to 1.5 in one direction so 3 miles total. It's possible that I could have crossed at the lock and there may be a trail on that side, but I was only looking to do 3 miles anyway, so the distance worked for me.

Since we've had almost NO rain this year, the path was dry, but I could see it being a wet mess during a normal winter/ spring.  It's a nice flat run and knowing that it's about a 3 mile loop, I plan to stop there again on my way home from work to knock out a few miles.


  1. Looks like a nice little spot to me

  2. Nice! We love running on the canal path in Rochester. It is very possible that you could have crossed over, that happens a lot near us.