Friday, April 13, 2012

Northwood Trail

I wasn't going to run yesterday.  After yoga, weightlifting, and zumba the day before I figured if I didn't feel like running, I didn't have to.  But funny things happen when you make deals like that with yourself.

 I was walking home from Firestone and realized how warm it was, so I thought about maybe doing an easy jog, I am a bit uninspired by my neighborhood, standard Levitt Town neighborhood.  So I started searching nature preserves and trails in my county.  I found one up in one of the other neighborhoods that has 80 acres of land.  The website I had found said that there were no marked trails, but well beaten down paths, so getting lost wouldn't be an issue.

I did find there were in fact marked trails, as well as unmarked.  However, despite being in the middle of a housing development, I did get turned around so I stuck to the marked trails for my run.

The blue trail starts as a wide dirt road that goes down hill towards the Round Lake Reservoir.  I should note that it's a decent size hill to try to run up.

There are a couple of different Yellow trails.  The first is a loop ( you can start on either the left or right of the path they do loop together)  which I would have to assume is roughly a mile based on how long it took me. This trail is brand spankin' new as it was someone's eagle scout project this year.

After I had run the yellow trail loop, I followed the blue trail down to the reservoir and around it.  On the other side, I found the yellow trail again and began to follow that before it started to rain and I had enough running for the day.

Overall I am very excited about the potential of this trail.  Kinns Road Park is a bit over run and always crowded with people and dogs, here I didn't see anyone.  I plan on exploring more.  These are great trails for any beginning trail runner since it's not very technical. Who knew there was such a great gem right in the middle of one of the major housing developments in town!?


  1. looks like a great place to do some 50k training!!

  2. The next time Mike and I are in Schenectady we should check that out! Although the next time will probably be a brief visit.

    Looks like a great place to train!