Thursday, April 19, 2012

MadeLoud Country

I am many things,  a music critic is not one of them.  I do listen to an interesting collection of tunes.  I fell in love with George Gerswhin in the 6th grade, N'SYNC in 8th, Better Than Ezra in 10th, Dave Matthews Band in 11th, and all things country during my freshman year of college.  Today, I still listen to a huge variety of music, which keeps me busy changing radio stations while driving.   

Back in February I was contacted by MadeLoud to review a best of Country Music Compilation by their top artists. It took some time for them to then send me the link to the on-line album, but about a week ago I was directed to their site to retrieve my copy.  It took me a hot minute to remember how to upload mp3's to iTunes, but it all came back to me and I loaded it to my ipod, since my adorable hot pink netbook doesn't function all that well with itunes open.

I should preface that I am from north of the Mason-Dixie line.  Despite my love for porches, pick up trucks, and country music, I grew up in a large suburban town in upstate NY. And while my Papa had an awesome garden, there were no farm owners in my family. 

Anyhow,  I am fan of about half of their "best of"  groups/singers.  I enjoyed some of the more country/pop songs like "Last Name" by  Plain & Simple, "These Days" by Bradley West, "Too Much For Me" "Momma Knows" by Ray William Roldan and "No More" Tim McDonald.  There were a handful of songs that were too gospelc/hristian country for me, but if that is your cup of tea, more power to you.  

Overall, it was a good collection of artist and a nice change of pace from the same stuff that is always in rotation on the radio stations.  If you like country, check out their page for free download of some up and coming artist.  

If country isn't your thing, but you like free and legal music. There are plenty of other genres you can choose from here

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  1. Very interesting. I love country music but Allan hates it so I don't listen to it unless I'm by myself. I'll have to check this site out!