Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ice Breaker Challenge 5k

Last Wednesday I started to have all the signs of a cold or allergies.  I wasn't sure which, so I took both an Allegra and a Zicam.  I figured at least one of them would fix me.  I did feel better and determined that the allergy medicine was helping.  Unfortunately, while it does eliminate most symptoms, I was stuck with irritation that bothered my asthmatic lungs. I considered skipping the race, especially when my training partner thought that he might have to work. But I began to feel a bit better and no one had to work on a Saturday morning.

The race started at 9 so we headed down to Corning Preserve by 8am in order to register for the Ice Breaker Challenge, use the portajon and warm up.  My idea of warming up did include the heated seats in my car.  Since I had been feeling under the weather, any goals of running a new 5k PR were thrown out. I was (and still am) reliant on my inhaler tame the cough.   Speed demon running partner is a much faster runner than I am, so we parted ways before the race and I moved to the middle/back of the pack of 200 runners.

I wasn't sure if my Nike+ watch was calibrated, but figured I would only refer to it for time not, distance.  When I ran past the 1st mile the volunteer yelled out something in the 11's while my watch read 10:33.  I figured that I had started a few seconds late and later realized that the 1st mile mark was a bit further than it should have been.  I hit the second mile at just shy of 20 minutes, which is very rare for me.

I was feeling a bit tired but began focusing on runners and trying to pass them. I used to hate out and back runs but now I love them, especially in races. As I approached 25:00 I decided that when I hit 29:02 I could walk, since if I was still running by then I wasn't going to PR.  Plus, I had absolutely no idea where I was in relation to the finish. Lo and behold, at 28 minutes, I realized I was closer than I realized. I pushed the best I could hoping to cross the line before 29:02.  Which I didn't do according to the official clock(I finished at 29:03)  but according to my watch I finished at 28:55.  I'm unsure if this counts as a new official PR.  Thoughts?

The race overall was very well done, easy parking, easy exit, decent post race spread, even the walkers seemed to know to walk to the side of the narrow walk way.  I liked that there were only 200 runners and I would definitely participate in this race again.

Official Time 29:03
Watch:  28:55
Overall Official Pace 9:21
Pace 9:19
59/155  (Females)
10/31 (25-29 Females)


  1. Wow thats brilliant that you got a PR when you thought you were going to have to walk at some point. I guess your body wasn't going to give up :P

    Well done on your PR :)

    1. thanks! for sure, my body apparently knows distances a lot better than my mind does :)

  2. Replies
    1. thank you! regardless if it is determined as an official PR I am excited:)

  3. great job!!! Did they have a chip finish, and if so did you start further toward the back? If there's no chip start, I usually defer to my own watch that I start when I cross the starting line. Some people disagree, but I say- it's totally up to you!

    1. there was no chip and I was definitely closer to the back of the pack than the front when we started. I know I started my watch as I crossed the start and finish. It just doesn't seem as official since it's not on paper anywhere!

  4. Good job on the race not feeling 100%. I agree with Danielle. If you can prove to yourself that you ran it in PR time, then it is a PR.

    1. Thanks! there is another small 5k coming up in two weeks, I hope to try again and make it official!

  5. I agree if it wasn't chip timed def go by your watch! Awesome!