Monday, March 5, 2012

Spanish Jamz

It should come as no surprise to most of my readers that I spent last fall in Spain. I had such an awesome time and continue to figure out a way to travel back as soon as possible.  While I was there, I would frequently use my Iheartradio app to listen to American Morning shows (the Kane show from DC and AJ in the morning from San Diego) there was a glitch that allowed for it to work despite being out of the country. I was constantly longing for American gossip and American Pop music.  Now that I've been home for longer than I was away, I crave Spanish pop music.  Thankfully there are plenty of Spanish radio stations in many cities that are on the iheartradio app, so while I'm running at the YMCA I often log into their wifi and listening to some Spanish pop and improve my Spanish by listening to the songs, djs, and commercials.  

So if you're dead tired of listening to your play list, and knowing just how long each song is, here are a few upbeat Spanish (some Spanish/English mixes)  that I frequently run to, they aren't brand new but I always seem to get a surge of energy when one comes on the airwaves.

Bailando Por Ahi - Juan Magan

Rabiosa- Shakira

My actual favorite:  Danza Kuduro- Don Omar 

Rain on Me - Marc Anthony & Pitbull

On The Floor- J-LO & Pitbull

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