Saturday, March 10, 2012

RLRF Week 9

It took me 8 days to complete week 9. I was on fire, for the first two workouts.  Felt great, and totally pumped  to be running back at my old pace.
RLRF Workout 1
10-20 minute warm up
400 RI
10 minute cool down

Christine's Workout 
10 minute warm up (5.7)
4 x 1200 (6.4)
400 RI(5.7)
10 min cool down (5.7)

Total Miles: 6
Average Pace: 9:59

RLRF Workout 2
1 mile warm up
3 miles @ stp
1 mile cool down

Christine's RLRF Workout 2
1 mile @ 5.7
3 miles @ 6.1
1 mile @ 5.7

Total Miles 5
Average Pace 10:03

And then I got sick, or I had an allergy attack.  I'm still not sure which, the kids I babysit were sick last week, so it could go either way. Regardless, I felt like garbage on Tuesday, so I opted to wait it out a day, but only to feel worse on Wednesday until I slept the entire day.  I was ready to run on Thursday, but found out that my Mom was flying back from Florida early to help support my Aunt.  This meant I finally had to do all the laundry I had promised to do when she left a month ago ( the agreement was that she would continue to pay for my gym membership in return for completed laundry, there was THAT much laundry to be done), pick her up from the airport and then drive to a school that I interviewed with to become one of their daily subs.  ( I got the gig and will sub for the first time next Thursday, wohoo!)

Needless to say, I didn't have any spare time to run 7 miles between all of that and heading to babysitting for the evening.  Friday I woke up at 5am to fill my Mom's gas tank for her ( I had been driving her car for the past 2 weeks) before she left to go to the hospital. I haven't been up that early except to catch a plane, train, or bus since school let out last June.

After wasting a lot of time, I finally went to run and stretch out at yoga.  I was tired.  My body ached from being in the car so much the day before and I couldn't get into a groove.  For the past few weeks,  I've been feeling a lot of tightness in my hips, which I'm sure a result of the increased intensity of my running and lack of stretching, but during yesterdays run,  it would not loosen up.  I felt like I was running for the first time ever and felt off balance.  After three miles, I stopped, walked .5 then decided to stretch. I thought about attending yoga and then running the remaining 4 miles. But stretching hurt, and not really in the "oh this hurts so good" way.  I decided to nix yoga and the additional 4 miles.

Today my body feels a bit more normal and I may try to add those 4 extra miles.  But it was more important to listen to my body I would be very disappointed if I were injured 3 weeks before my first real 5k race.


  1. Good job listening to your body. Better to be smart than stupid!!! Especially if you're like me, and when you're sick you trip and let the asphalt have its way with you...

  2. I just noticed that you started following my blog! I love that we have the same goal, to try one new recipe a week! Plus, you are from near my husband's hometown.

    We're running the Boilermaker this year too!

  3. Smart move! Hopefully you will feel better this week and make up for lost time ;)

    Keep it going!

  4. Always best to listen to your body! I have got to start doing yoga again especially on my off days from running.

  5. Good job knowing when to back off! Its definitely a learned skill to know when your body really needs to rest vs your brain telling your body it doesn't want to run :)