Saturday, March 24, 2012

RLRF Week 10

ALOT has happened with in the past 2 weeks.  All good things, but have limited my time online and maintaining my blog.  Most evenings I come home around 9:30-10:30ish and promptly go to bed before tackling another long day.  Thankfully RLRF is 3 day run commitment (yes I should be doing cross training but I think working 12 hours a day can count) even if it still took me a full week to fit in the key workouts.

RLRF Workout 3
7 miles @ 10:30

Christine's RLRF Workout 3
6.86 @ 10:22

Like most of the country, we had some beautiful unseasonably warm weather recently.  Because it was a beautiful day,  I decided to run the 3rd workout first.  I ran on the Hudson Mohawk River trail (where my fall marathon will be).  My nike+ had  hard time calibrating (as usual, it's time to upgrade soon).

for the first 3 miles I was trying to figure out where the Hudson or Mohawk river were as I ran along this path.  Note. no river near by
eventually it shows up. (mohawk river)  I didn't take this photo but wanted one so someone else was nice enough to run to the bridges and take one for em.

Tank top in March. 

delicious post run dinner that was cooked for me, I am one lucky girl.

RLRF Workout 1
10-20 minute warm up
5 x 1000
w/400 RI
10 minute cool down

Christine's Workout 1
4.58 miles @ 10:26

I recently rejoined the working world, but I haven't left my night time nannying gig yet, so I've been putting in long hours.  I got on the treadmill and simply wasn't able to keep the speed needed for this workout so I just ran.  I'm okay with that atleast I didn't skip it entirely.

RLRF Workout 2
1 mile warm up
2 miles @ 9:56
1mile easy
1 mile@ 9:56
1 mile easy
2 miles @ 9:56
1 mile cooldown

Christine's RLRF Workout 2
9 miles @ 10:37

This run fell the day after St.Patricks Day, which was celebrated as Irish as I know. I was dehydrated and it was 75 degrees outside.  The thought of running this on the treadmill to maintain pace seemed way to much like a punishment.  So I took off to the apartment complex near my house that has  1.07 mile loop.  This allowed for me to drop a water bottle and some GU.   Overall I was quite happy with my run despite how much my quads were screaming for water. 

So,  I only kind of followed RLRF this week.  But between working 2 jobs, I'm still happy with my runs.  I recently put in my notice for nannying so thankfully before marathon training starts I'll have more normal hours.

Currently my google reader says I have 129 post to read.  So I'll be spending the majority of the day catching up and leaving notes!


  1. Great runs! What's your new job? I only remember the nannying one...glad you'll get regular hours! It makes a huge difference.

    1. I am back in the classroom! I was a daily sub for about a minute before being offered a maternity leave sub position at a montessori school.

  2. Great job this week Christine! I hope you are enjoying your new job. That post-run meal looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Great job this week!

    The next time that Mike and I are in Schenectady I want to run on the Hudson Mohawk river trail!

    1. Let me know! Most of it is a nice flat run. Have you considered coming out here for the half or full?