Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Goal: Snowshoe!

I am one of the few in the Capital District that was actually excited when it looked like this:

Since we finally got snow, it meant I could actually finally use my lovely snowshoes.

First I wandered around my back yard a bit to make sure I wouldn't fall on my face.

Then I went to my local trails.  Initally I was worried people would judge me for snowshoeing in perfectly good packing snow but then I saw all the cross country ski trails and figured I wasn't the first one.

I only ran into a few people with their dogs, the rest of my walk was just me and a bunch of trees.

While I know most people will think I'm crazy, but I'd be okay with it snowing for the next 18 days.  Once Spring officially hits though,  it is no longer okay. Bring on the snow,  I'd love to spend more time out in the woods.


  1. I've only snowshoed once, but I loved it! (I'd love to do it again, but it doesn't exactly snow in Florida. I'll have to wait 'til we move again in a couple of years.) :)

    1. I had to wait until March 2nd and I live in upstate NY! It's definitely an activity I'll be excited to improve on next winter!