Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Resolution Recap

Yoga once a week (7/52) Technically I should have done yoga 9 times by now, but I'm not too far behind. I found a class I really like, but sadly it's when I am normally babysitting.  But, the Wednesday class hasn't annoyed me lately so I'll have to settle for that until I am not longer babysitting.

Complete a full cycle of p90x Still haven't started. I should aim to start that during march so that I am close to being done before marathon training becomes intense.

Complete 12 things off my life list (1.5/12)
I completed one offical goal off of my life list,  to follow a vegan life style.  I wrote a quick recap.
Follow a Vegan Diet for a Week
Although I haven't done it yet,  I've also bought my flights for London  to attend the summer Olympic games as well as (and more excitingly) meet my niece that is also being born in July.

Run a 5k in under 25 Minutes 

Still following RLRF and I am finally starting to see some of the progress.  My official 5k race is at the end of March,  so I still have a few weeks left of training.  I don't think I'll hit under 25 minutes for the race, but I still hope to PR.

Run a 5k in 21 Minutes (21:59 is acceptable)
While I'll still keep this goal.  I am fairly certain that I won't be able to reach it during 2012.

Volunteer 1x per Month(/12)
It took some time for me to find an organization to volunteer with, but starting this upcoming Saturday I'll be apart of a group mentoring program with a local community center.  I'm very excited to work with middle/high school students again and I hope it will help me out of the rut I've been in lately.

Read 36 books a year(2/36)
I will have a lot of reading to do soon to catch up.  I finished reading Once a Runner this month, which was very interesting.  It was a fiction novel about a track all-star in Florida.  I don't particularly love most fiction books, but it was good. (note not great -to me- as it took me a whole month to read it)

Run 3x a week (25/156) I am on target for this one.  I completed February with 65 mile.  

Workout in the morning once a week.
Since I am not working days, this goal seemed silly,  I have decided to swap it out for a different one for the rest of this year. 

Race 1x a Month (2/12)
Initially, I didn't plan on trying to race each month, but since the first 3 months were planned, I figured I might as well add the rest.  This month was my first trail run (which was suppose to be a snowshoe race) Recap is here: February Race: Saratoga Winterfest Trail 5k

Follow 1 new recipe a week (9/52) 
I am on target for this one.  Since I am not working days, I have found it easy to find time to coo, plus having someone else to cook with makes it a little easier. This week I made peanut butter chocolate squares to bring to my friend's new home for dinner. They were super easy, delicious, and not in any way healthy.


  1. So jealous u get to go to the olympics!!

    1. I'm quite lucky that my sister lives in central London. Even more excited that my first Niece will be born around the same time!

  2. how cool is that you're traveling to London for the Olympic, so exciting!!!

    1. I am super excited & it's in midst of Marathon training, so I'm sure it will help keep me motivated!

  3. London should be a great trip and to meet your niece will be wonderful!

  4. London? Awesome! I love to follow your travels.