Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taking Advantage of Global Warming

Yesterday's run was different from the past month. I ran outside. (mostly) I've been a wimp  but also have been trying to meet the pace goals for RLRF 5k, which is easier to do on the treadmil than staring at my sometimes accurate Nike+.

And while I'm being honest, the abduction and murder of Sherry Arnold really spooked me.( Also, if you haven't already heard, there is a virtual run for her on 2/11. Which I'll definitely be participating in.  Check out more information here) I haven't minded being indoors until today.

It was unseasonably warm today around 45-50ish and I figured today was a day to brave the open road.

For the first time probably ever, I wrote a note to my roommate/Mom letter her know where I was heading,

And then spent longer than I should admit time staring at my feet, trying to figure out what I am doing wrong that my shoes look like this after 143 miles.

Finally I left the house and headed towards the school district xc trails. The trails were an interesting mix of ice and mud, which ended up slowing my pace just a bit.

Note the wipe out area made by yours truly .

RLRF had scheduled this run to be 6 mile at a 10:30 pace. Because I had misjudged the distance I ended up running a bit over 5 mile with an overall pace of 10:47.


At first I was a bit disappointed but then I looked at my splits and saw that 3 of my miles were quite close to 10:30 and the where it was a bit slower was mostly caused by ice. It was a nice change of pace to run outdoors especially with two trail races the next two upcoming weekends. But after the fresh air, I am also looking forward to keeping up the pace workouts for RLRF

seriously... does anyone else kick their own ankles as much as I do and what can I do to make it stop?


  1. It's from weak hip flexor muscles.

  2. I think the Sherry case spooked many of us. :(

    As for kicking your own ankles - I do that all the time! If you figure out how to stop doing it, let me know!

  3. i personally kick a ton of crap up on my calves... its insane...